Getting Children Up in the Mornings


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Getting Children Up in the Mornings

In order to start the day without chaos, I wake up early enough to get the children’s breakfast and lunch made.

It is so quiet. So unbelievably quiet. I’ll just fit in a few minutes of time to myself, before making the meals. Next thing I know it is 7:00am and the tornado is about to hit.

QUICK…wake up the kids, get them dressed, find the socks, get them fed. Why did I stubbornly use that time for myself? Tomorrow I will wake up at 5:00am, an hour earlier. Baddy sleepily arises absorbed in his own quiet fog. I am very aware that although his body is moving he is not necessarily awake yet, mentally. I very patiently wait for him to drink his pot of coffee before I begin a conversation, otherwise things could get majorly misconstrued. “So I’ve been thinking, ” I begin and immediately get accused of being to on in the mornings.

I visit each room to wake up the boys and Baddy. Singing, Wake up, wake up, everybody wake up or Morning has Broken, I burst into Thumper’s room and open the shades to let the sun shine in. Yesterday, his Ugly Doll got placed in his face and rapped the wake up song ; yo, yo! Wake up your lazy head its time to get out of your way to comfortable bed. He awoke with a smile, his hair sticking out in every which way and slowly arose to stick his head under the faucet, that took care of that problem.

Feisty-One is handled much more delicately. If I don’t wake him slowly with lots of kisses and low light than he screams and demands me out of his room. This is what I try to stay clear of at all costs.

Sometimes I have my assistants. Whomever wakes up first has the assignment of gently waking the other sleepers. When Hootie-Hoo crawls into Thumper’s bed and sings the wake up song to him, Thumper opens his eyes and tackles him for a good hour.

This is what having children is all about. The interaction and love that occurs between them is so very precious. I nurture that love with all my might and try to teach them how to respect and admire each other without the jealousy.

I am always in awe of how boys wake up with abounding energy and carry it with them until the moment sleep descends upon them. Even in his sleep, Thumper continues the fidgeting, kicking and sleeping horizontally across the bed prohibits him from being able to sleep with us. On those occasions when he does crawl into our bed, I love to feel his warm nine year old body snuggling up to us. Inevitably, I am abruptly awoken either by his foot smooshed against my face or by his calling out sports plays in his dreams.

The boys love it when Baddy is still asleep. This is payback time for all the mornings he has insensitively yanked the blankets off of them and honked the bike horn in their ears to get them out of bed. I hand them the bike horn and in they march to noisily wake him up. What could be better than receiving the green light to make noise first thing in the morning.



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