“Aspen Reel Life” Presents aspenFilm Academy Screenings

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You know that feeling you have when you finally make it to a movie that had great reviews? You’re sitting there all alone, or with a friend, it doesn’t matter. Your phone is off and there is nothing that can touch you for the next two hours, except for the story you are about to see. The lights go down and you become a voyeur into another world as your life fades away.

Oh sure, there are other things in life that get my heart rate up, like catching the first gondola on a 6”+ powder day or packing just lingerie for a weekend trip away with my husband or landing in New York City with a best friend just in time for happy hour or sharing a special moment with a child, but movies? Theater? Take me there, any time, any hour. I’ll watch three in a row if possible and god forbid I should miss the previews.

Way back when I worked for  aspenFilm it was a given by my family that I would be gone, solid gone, during the festivals and Academy Screenings. As I moved into my next job of film production with Dede Brinkman, my old friend got pushed to the wayside. When making films there is no time to actually watch films, but now I am being pulled back in again, and I’m excited to bring all of you in as well.

Did you know that aspenFilm is the ONLY festival to show Oscar worthy films to the general public and Academy members before the films have been released? I actually consider that reason enough to move here!

The 20th Aspen Film Academy Screenings are coming to Harris Concert Hall this December 22nd, 2010 – January 1st, 2011 and I am diving in and watching some of the films that I missed during the aspenFilm festival back in September.

It’s been too long since I have enjoyed a big, beautiful film and I refuse to go to an Oscar party without having seen Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole, although I’m worried whether I can emotionally hold myself together. I also must see The King’s Speech with Colin Firth performing as a stuttering King George VI and I won’t miss Barney’s Vision, a screen adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s prize-winning novel. And for all of you swooners of Javier Bardem, he’s back in the film Biutiful.

For a sneak preview of more of the films being showcased, visit the aspenFilm Academy Screenings website. How lucky we are to have the Academy Screenings brought to us here where we can go straight from the ski mountain into the movie theater?

I’ll see you at the movies, but don’t talk to me until the movie is over pleasssse!



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