Happy BIG Birthday Baddy!

Aspen’s Best Kept Secret Hotel

This post is for you, my subscribers, because I know you like a good story and I know you like it real. Here is the first of a series on a stolen night out in Aspen.

[su_heading size=”18″]Aspen’s Best Kept Secret Hotel[/su_heading]

Looking for romance in Aspen? Stay at The Residence Hotel and feel as if you are in your own pied-a-terre in Paris.

Do you ever miss your spouse, even though he/she is right there, brushing by you in the kitchen as you pour your coffee or entering your dreams after wrapping you in a warm embrace as you sleep? Well, I miss Baddy and worry that soon we will be so disconnected that our relationship will become nothing more than a hazy institutionalized blend of promises and hopes.

Last year I won a night’s stay at the Residence Hotel. As life would have it, we couldn’t fit it into our hectic schedule but this year I dug deep into my European roots and slowed down enough to “smell the roses” and book the room.

The evening was wedged into Baddy’s seventy hour work week and my accelerated Aspen Real Life schedule and I wondered how we were going to pull it off, but my in-laws fluttered in with the key to our release, smack dab in the middle of an Axel melt down. “Storms a comin’,” I announced to my mother-in-law, who knew what that meant for our Axel whose sinuses get inflamed whenever there is a pressure change.

I had two choices, mother my little bundle of terror, or leave him in the hands of his loving grandparents and fly up to Aspen to meet Baddy in our Pied-a-Terre. I chose the latter. As I drove up to Aspen, I reluctantly called Baddy to tell him that I would be an hour and a half late and that I didn’t know how to crack the code to get in to the “best secret in town” boutique hotel that we were supposedly staying in that night. Grrreeeaaat, he said and wandered off to the Red Onion to drink on the happy.

I was very curious to stay at this alluring hotel where a few years back the boys, in search of all the free sugar offerings in town, were lured in by the mystique of the obscure entrance and found a candy dish at the top of the “black diamond” steep stairs. Little did they know that many years before that their mother had also been lured in to find, instead of a candy dish a crystal decanter of liquor left out for the apartment tenants, and perhaps for wandering locals looking for adventure.

I sorted out the details and Baddy and I checked in to our room and I will admit that getting dressed for the evening was challenging. It was all so inviting, the post bed, the velvet comforter, the snow falling softly outside. I felt Baddy drawing closer and halted him in his steps, “Not so fast mon chère! Tonight you and I are going to embrace the romance and soak each other in, slowly and sweetly,” I stated firmly.

We walked around our suite with Owner Terry Butler, a former beauty queen/model/tv host and athlete. There were photographs everywhere of her adventures; Terry on an elephant in India; Terry in her weight lifting days wearing a white lycra body suit with an enormous face of a lion stretched down her front; Terry with Jack Nicholson, John Denver, Anthony Hopkins and Sylvestor Stallone.

On our way out we passed Terry’s office and I was going to ask her if I could come back for an interview, reminding her that I had a blog and that I would be writing about our stay. Her eyes glazed over and she gave me a, “That’s great honey, can we talk about it in the morning?” Baddy laughed silently at me and swept me away to steal out into the night for an enchanted evening.

**Disclaimer: Yes, I received comp rooms for this stay, and the most delicious comped meal ever, but the opinions are still all my very own.

Interview The Residence Hotel Aspen

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8 thoughts on “Aspen’s Best Kept Secret Hotel”

  1. Jillian~ Nice blogaratti~ As I began the reading, it had flavors of Big mouth
    Bob and The Denver Post. I thought, oh no, do not get personal. You
    pulled it off, my friend.
    I have some very sexy lingerie if you would like to have it for your nights
    out with the sexiest husband in the West if not the World~
    We (BMB) filmed a segment for t.v. on the Spider Sabich murder in Terry’s
    parlor..Found it comforting to be in the company of Ms. Butler and her
    wall of fame… blog on dear friend. In your busy schedule, find a moment for me~

  2. I hope you had a wonderful night. I would do anything for a romantic evening….with who is the question!
    I can’t believe you have snow…it is in the 60’s today in new England.
    Yesterday would have been Peter and my wedding anniversary and today is the anniversary of Daddy’s death, so I am very blah today
    Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful sister…..does Isagenix come in the taste of turkey? euuuuuu

    • Melanie-Mouse, when you come out here for Christmas I’ll introduce you to all of my new eligible friends but first, they’ll have to submit their application to agent Jillian.


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