December 2010 - Aspen Real Life

December 2010

Health & Wellness
Jillian Livingston

Living in the Moment

On our way up we talked about my decision to not write about how The Aspen Times was pouring salt onto my wound, once again, with the new developments in the Madoff fiasco. I refuse to fuel the tabloids with my anger and disappointment, I told him and he agreed happy that as much as I write about our family life, I never reveal anything too private.

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Aspen over Christmas
Jillian Livingston

Surviving the Holidays

The holidays bring a mixed bag of emotions as family comes to town and our work load increases tri-fold over Christmas “break”. And it’s all beautiful, until it’s not. But I’m holding on so far and with a case of wine in the wine rack and cookies baking in the oven, I think it’s going to be a good one.

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Fun Aspen Events Over Christmas

Walking around town with the boys I pop in to my favorite jaunts to catch the holiday buzz and find out what specials and events are taking place within the next few weeks.

If you have a Holiday special going on that you want to promote on Aspen Real Life, shoot me an email.

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Born to ski Highlands Bowl
Jillian Livingston

Born to Ski Highlands Bowl

It’s a work in progress, eliminating my fears, and as Chanukah passes and Christmas gets ready to pounce, my unwanted emotions resurface. I feel as lit up as our Sardy House tree, the country’s largest live Christmas tree, only my light is ready to implode. “You need to get on the slopes,” my friends urge, knowing that skiing is the one place where I am free from all anxiety.

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