Nest at The Viceroy Snowmass

Nest Viceroy Snowmass
Promo, Inc’s PR Account Manager Campbell Levy, Viceroy Snowmass GM Hugh Templeman,’s Dean Weiler & Katrina Strecker
Nest at The Viceroy Snowmass

Over the holidays I received a message from my friends over at Promo, Inc. to come join them for Sushi at Nest Lounge and Cafe at the Viceroy Snowmass. Heavily immersed in the thick of things, it was an invitation I couldn’t refuse and a perfect excuse to take a break from it all.

Exhausted and emotionally challenged, I drove up in Vini-Man, flames coated in mag chloride. Car washes have moved to the bottom rung of my budget. I tried to act dignified as I handed my keys to the charming Valet, silently hoping that he would do me a favor and park it in the nearest ravine.

Walking into the bright cafe, I joined the other bloggers and reporters. We had been invited to experience Nest’s winter menu in the hopes that we would send the message that fresh ski-in sushi awaits those who are smart enough to venture up to Snowmass.

The other blogger there was Dean Weiler, from Eat Aspen, and his computer savvy significant other, Katrina Strecker. Eat Aspen is a great guide for dining in the valley but Dean, also an actor, has a darkside. Fascinated with Aspen’s past and present, he conducts historical walking tours, ghost tours and cemetery tours through his other company, Aspen Walking Tours.

As Chef Francis Mo brought us delectable samplings of sushi, we “enthusiastic bloggers,” as so reported by Snowmass Sun’s Ann Larson, discussed everything from bike racing to social media to successful entrepreneurs to flame wars on Twitter.

(Reporter Ann Larson)

The meal began with a light and flavorful Lobster Almond Soup in a creamy coconut broth followed by a delicious compilation of  Green Caterpillar, Spicy Tuna and Fire Fry Rolls along with the beef and scallion special and ending with a sampling of desserts, my favorite being the Ginger Creme Brulee.

(Carrot Cake with Pineapple Slivers)

I left there with the desire to come back for a well deserved meal after skiing the Hanging Valley Glades and the Wall with my ski posse. Hope it happens sooner rather than later!

Nest at The Viceroy Snowmass


  1. Hi Jillian! I’ve always found your writing to be a breath of fresh air – and now you have gone too far making me HUNGRY! 🙂 I’m in the midst of puppy training (I know you can relate) and also working with a webdesigner to get a site up so it’s busy days here. I love stopping by your corner of the planet – refreshing!!!!
    hugs and love


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