The Return of the Ken Cole Show

Local celebrities, they're a dime a dozen in this town but what about the natural born kind? If you are looking for some comic relief, here is the ongoing sequel to the Ken/Cole show. Enjoy!

[su_heading size=”18″]The Return of the Ken Cole Show[/su_heading]

The Return of the Ken/Cole Show

A few weeks ago, I needed comic relief, and so I made a surprise visit to local celebrities, Ken and Cole. Remember them from The Ken Cole Show: Local Celebrities post?

I was worried that it was a one time thing, their humor I mean, but I was happy to see that they were ready to deliver…again.

[su_heading]Let’s return to the Ken Cole Show:[/su_heading]

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4 thoughts on “The Return of the Ken Cole Show”

    • Mouse, you know, if I really thought about it, I would say that I am not as appreciated or understood out here as much as I would like to be, but my philosophy is to just keep doing what I’m doing and not care and soon, they will begin to understand…


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Aspen Real Life

One never forgets their first trip to Colorado, and the awe of the magnitude of the mountains never ever goes away if one is smart enough to make the move and decide to live there forever.


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Aspen Real Life

That gosh darn Paparazzi, taken at the wedding of the the gal who introduced us. ...

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2 days ago

Aspen Real Life

Loved hanging out with you two tonight. And your shoes though‼️⚜️

You probably don’t remember my telling you that my Grandfather Arthur Atlas had Brevitt Shoes in England. Anyone who is British knows Brevitt shoes. @michelecardamone @melaniewernick and @jilliansreallife LOVE nice shoes.


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Aspen Real Life

What a beautiful cart @wildmountainseeds had outside the @landmarkcafe tonight in @carbondale on a beautiful early fall evening.
How much do we love our sweet town of Carbondale?


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