Riding Bikes on the Rio Grande Trail in Aspen

Riding Bikes on the Rio Grande Trail in Aspen

Riding Bikes on the Rio Grande Trail in Aspen

After an incredible bike ride home on Mother’s Day, I decided to do it again for my birthday, but this time with the boys and my nieces.

The morning started out really well. I was able to do what I love most, wake up early when everybody else is sleeping QUIETLY, sneak downstairs, grab a hot mug of java with steamed milk and sit down to read the news and my social network stream online. I prefer to sink into an comfy armchair and physically open a book or paper, but because of the blog, I have gotten into the habit of reading most everything, except for books, on a computer screen.

So there I was, birthday girl, in my pajamas, hair piled high, absorbed in reading my Facebook Wall filled with birthday wishes when the boys woke up. They were home resting from a month of rehearsing for their school play, Troy.

Being that the Community School takes a break from their studies for a month to dive into the world of theater, I was thankful that for once Axel played a bigger role. Usually battling with an over-sized costume in the back of the stage, this year he was a hip-hopping Satyr so into his role that it didn’t seem to phase him when his shoes and horns flew off mid-spin.

Brevitt, a major performer everywhere but on stage, appears to have his mother’s stage fright and refuses to try out for a big role. But he fared well enough as the belly of the Trojan Horse. Tucker was a golden apple. We parents must be patient with our children and not project our wants onto them, right?

I was determined to give the boys my undivided attention on their day off but I was deep in finalizing summer travel gig plans when they awoke and the natives immediately became restless and fidgety. When I became annoyed Tucker began to cry and choked out a, “You need to be happy on your birfday.”

Thankfully, Michele, a bit like Mighty Mouse, saved the day, and rallied us to bike down to Carbondale for a hot tub and lunch. I would be the only adult riding for she had to provide the shuttle.

We loaded up with Tucker singing and chatting behind me on the trailer bike and pedaled hard into the wind, the dark, ominous clouds threatening to rain, or snow, on our parade. Reaching our last chance for rescue I made the announcement that we had to make the decision as to whether to stop and get into the truck or forge ahead. “Forge On”, they yelled in unison. And so we did. And the sky opened up.

One would think that it would have turned into a disaster but when together, the kids have this tremendously positive energy and not much can bring them down and so we made it and loaded the children into the truck, wet and freezing but still smiling.

I’ll never adjust to spring in the rockies, but rather than fight it I may as well layer up and get out in it, especially if it’s my birthday.

Riding Bikes on the Rio Grande Trail in AspenRiding Bikes on the Rio Grande Trail in Aspen




  1. Happy belated Princess!! I biked past your little hoard that day…just didn’t realize it was you guys until I saw this photo. Way to be troopers – I was FROZEN by the time I got to Bonedale. Hope you had the most fab b-day – love you xoxo

  2. Thanks for keeping my colorado-affection alive and well. I am counting down the days until our journey out west…and until then I plan to continue to live vicariously through you!

  3. Hey Jilly! NOW is the time of year I’d come out there – all the snow is gone and it’s “my” time of year – here too – just love being outside! (with coats!) Hope you’ll go to blog and re-sign up for the email delivery – have no idea what happened to your subscription!


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