Helmet Huggers Review

Always loving a good entrepreneur story, here are four women who took the design of a devil helmet cover and turned it into fashion. Would you wear one?

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When it comes to fashion here in the mountains, brands like Lululemon and Kjus are our middle name, but in a place where Gucci and Prada dominate our storefronts, finding clothes that are affordable, functional and stylish is not always so easy and thus we are constantly on the lookout for the new styles that come our way.

[su_heading size=”18″]Meet the Team Behind Helmet Huggers:[/su_heading]

Introducing Melanie Stern and her daughters, Stephanie and Natalie Ryneveld, an entrepreneurial family team who designed “Helmet Huggers,” fashionable helmet covers for women. Busy with their full time day jobs; Melanie, Co-Founder and President of Helmet Huggers, Co-Founded an international oil brokerage firm and now works for the Wall Street firm that purchased her company; Stephanie, Co-Founder and VP of Business Operations and Development, is an Associate for Ernst and Young and Natalie, Co-Founder and VP of Public Relations and Branding, works for PBF Energy. Together, along with Designer and Fashion Consultant, Ania Hamman, these women are making helmets more feminine, an idea that was born from Melanie’s ten year old son whose helmet cover had devil horns. With the urging of her son to fix her struggle of ill fitting helmets, Melanie and her daughters conceived the helmet covers and took it from idea to reality. The son designed the clever logo.

With a mission to bring glamour, fashion and safety back to the slopes, they launched the company ?mid-season last year and promoted the helmet covers with the tagline, “Helmet lipstick that is the last thing to put on to finish off your ski outfit.”

It hasn’t been easy, marketing a new product with little time on their hands but they are active skiers, passionate about their design and are doing what they can to get the word out there that helmets can be attractive, comfortable and affordable,?the prices range from $48 – $68.
The covers, constructed to fit most ski/snowboard/bicycle helmet sizes and shapes, fit securely around the helmet with an adjustable elastic and stopper located on the inside of the cover to lock it in place. Once the cover is secured, the goggle clip feeds through an opening in the back and snaps right through the spandex stretch material, allowing you to make adjustments if necessary.
Admittedly, I’m not sure how these covers will be received here in the West where most locals lean toward the classically sporty style of dress but I’m telling you what, they are fun, and Natalie and Stephanie sure wear them well.
Made of spandex, the covers are emblazoned in bold and splashy colors ranging from “Tribal Print” to “Turqoise Snakeskin” and are bordered by an assorted array of luxury faux furs in Black Cougar, Navy Cougar, Brown Wolf, Grey Wolf, Brandy Fox and Luxury Snow Mink, to name a few.
We would like to hear your response, so check out the website to see more designs and tell us, would you wear one?
“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

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