Do Aspen Locals LOVE Hosting X Games?

Aspen Locals LOVE Hosting X Games

As a parent in Aspen, there comes a time, usually about thirteen years after our kids are born, that when the X-Games come to town we stop and wonder what grade we would get on our parenting skills.

Chances are that our kids would give us an A for allowing them to skip school and get the X-Games education, which entails turning the venue inside out by discovering the most prestigious places to watch the competitions, finding the best schwag to be had and discovering the most innovative way to get signatures from their beloved athletes.

While attending the X-Games one will find these large groups of local kids running around in multi-colored jackets, with a few yellow AVSC team coats and pants sprinkled in. Often trailing behind will be a parent with a glazed look in his/her eyes, carrying a backpack for all the schwag.

I was that parent yesterday, catering to the wants and “needs” of our eight year while trying to actually watch the competitions and keep my eyes out for the occasional spotting of the older pack.

This year it was nice to see that in addition to the usual sponsors that scream “EXTREME”, like Red Bull, Jeep and Northface, there is now a proud recycling partner of the X-Games, Repreve, who carries a positive message by making hats out of recycled bottles.

Being skiers ourselves, it was fun to watch the ski superpipe qualifier, Aspen teenager Torin Yater-Wallace rank second after qualifying runs Thursday morning, behind Reno’s David Wise. According to the Denver Post, Yater-Wallace, 17, was leading after the first trip with a 90-point run, but the 22-year-old Wise jumped ahead with a 92-point trip on his second time down. There were 16 qualifiers and eight advanced to the finals (best score out of two qualifying runs).

Tanner Hall’s comeback hit a stop as the 29-year-old finished 10th, and Telluride’s Gus Kenworthy fell on both runs to finish last. Veteran Simon Dumont, 26, made the finals, qualifying eighth with a 72.66 on his first run. The finals are 8:45 p.m. tonight, and each skier will have three runs.



And tonight, I personally will be making popcorn and watching the finals from the comfort of my own home where water is plentiful as well as a cushy, dry place to sit. We all need a break during extreme week.





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Unofficial ARL Photographer


Red Bull - For Kids??

X-Games Starry-Eyed Glaze

Parking to take the bus up from Snowmass Intercept Lot
Parking to take the bus up from Snowmass Intercept Lot



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