Hooded Blackout Travel Pillow – You Know You Need One!

Axel in da hoodie
Axel in da hood

When you are a blogger, the product you receive for reviews is directly related to your analytics. We feel that every one of our viewers are top-notch quality, but there are not YET quite enough of you to merit our reviewing things on our wishlist like a new laptop, yoga clothes, mountain biking shorts or any kind of fashion item or accessory to bring us into the new millennium.

In the meanwhile, we are reviewing more, shall we say, playful items that we didn’t even know we needed, like this Grand Trunk Hooded Blackout Pillow.

When I first opened the package with this “Secret Weapon” (who would have thought it would be a pillow?) nestled inside, my boys made fun of me. “Nice Mom,” they teased, “You’re making it to the big time.” BUT as the hour ensued, they began to claim the pillow, fight over it even.

Made  of soft memory foam and covered in fuzzy microfleece, this pillow is actually comfier than any other neck pillow I’ve tried, and when the drawstrings to the attached hood are pulled, it shields your eyes for better rest and focus, a better alternative over wearing sunglasses indoors.

I will say this though, when the hood is on your head and the drawstrings are loose, you may look like you’re “in da hood”, which can be a bit intimidating for some. If you snore or drool though while you sleep, be aware that the hood does not cover your mouth and so if it is the cool effect you are looking for, this pillow may not be for you.

Where to use the Hooded Blackout Travel Pillow?

  • At Work – Seriously, it can be used while sitting in your chair (I’m using it right now).
  • Airplanes – It will be great for the airplane but we do advise you to be aware that people may think you are a Ninja Warrior and be afraid to sit next to you.
  • Bus Trips – Definitely wear it on the bus so that you can stretch out on that extra seat.
  • Team Travel – get one for each team member or they may get pillow envy and snag yours.

All in all, we give the Hooded Blackout Pillow a thumbs up, so stuff it in the included sack and take your secret weapon with you wherever you go, unless you are driving. We don’t want you to get so comfy that you end up spinning out on the highway, now do we?

Hooded Travel Pillow







Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Hooded Blackout Travel Pillow for free from Grand Trunk as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations  in consideration for review publication.


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