Letting My Mother Know I Love Her

Letting My Mother Know I Love Her

As I think about Mother's Day, memories come tumbling forth from my childhood and I wonder if my boys are as lucky as I was to have the most incredible mother one could ever have.
Card sent to me by my mother. Artist: Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

[su_heading size=”18″]Letting My Mother Know I Love Her[/su_heading]

What have I been doing during this “slow” time? Well, no time like the present to take on the challenge of redesigning my website. Being that I just paid my final bill for my last design, I decided to do this one on my own, while attending a Social Media Online Conference. Thumper says I’m like a Stewardess who works all day, comes home to kiss her kids goodnight and goes back to work again.

Honestly? I am a little fed up myself. It’s not easy being ahead of the curve and with one more month until ♫school’s out for summer♫ I’m wondering if I can keep up with this pace, but I can’t give up now for I have someone who will be most disappointed in me for not persevering, and that would be me mum.

It is my mother who I hold completely responsible for how far I have come with my writing, always urging me to write, praising me when I hit a high note and sending me encouraging messages. It is also my mother who instilled the love of writing and the appreciation for life’s beauty into my mind at an early age. Growing up, I often received prosaic cards from her, her words as beautiful as the enchanting 19th Century illustrations gracing the fronts of the cards.

I grew up with the paintings of these artists hanging on the walls of our house in Massachusetts. Every day as I raced down the stairs I slowed down to enter the fantastic worlds created by Rackham, Doyle and Dulac. There was something in these paintings that brought fantasy to my mother’s lonely childhood in England where illustrated books were her only companion.

I live for her poetic descriptions of the changing light on a gray day, the snow diamonds sparkling in the snow and the soft whisper of the trees. Being far more prolific than I, she does not give credit when credit is not due, especially when I am too mainstream or use “common” expressions like “I’m pissed” or “That sucks.” She inspires me to reach that higher ground and to not write content merely for the sake of bringing in more readers.

My mother. I am nothing without her. I cannot watch a film or read a book without calling her first to see what reviews she has read. I cannot publish a post without needing her feedback and whenever something positive happens, it is she who I immediately call for I know she is the only person in my life who will match my enthusiasm.

As Mother’s Day comes a chuggin’ round the corner, memories of my mother and her sing song voice come tumbling forth. One cannot live in the world of enchantment and still keep their feet completely on the ground and perhaps this explained her ability to let us be who we were, children, climbing trees, playing in the clay by the creek and building forts in the forest until the dinner bell rang. She was a very tolerant women allowing us to march throughout the house clashing pans together as we repeatedly belted out songs from the musicals Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar.

She was and still is a mother unlike all others and I feel very fortunate that she is mine. I only hope that I can be as wonderful to my children and bring to them the magic that will live forever inside me.






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14 thoughts on “Letting My Mother Know I Love Her”

  1. That is the most wonderful tribute to your mother – I am very
    touched! Keep up the prosaic writing. Happy mother’s say!
    Sending love

  2. You describe our mum and your appreciation for her and her love of the beauty in life so well! Great writing … just like mum!

    • But….Winston…did you go to my home page? The website is so much easier to navigate now and far more dynamic with the photos changing daily. I agree though, I loved my polaroid clothesline!!!

      Tell me more!

  3. Your description of mummy has me in tears. So wonderful Jillian. You described her so perfect and all the memories came flooding back. With hectic schedules of work and children and everyday life…one can forget the meaning of words. Mummy always describes everythign so beautifully and I doubt she even knows that words like “that sucks” even exists.
    Hope you have a wonderful mothers day
    Love you

    • Mouse, there is so much more I could say about her. In fact, I erased the part about her coming in the door in Nantucket when I was on the phone. She had her big smile on her face, so happy to see her daughter and the next thing I knew I heard a big thump and got worried when some oranges rolled by my feet. Of course, another opportunity to cry from laughing so hard as I ran to her side to make sure she was okay!!

      Love you even though it SUCKS that we are not on par with each other….you know what I mean….

  4. Jillian, what a lovely tribute to your “mum.” Simply beautiful writing!

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and thank you for giving me three gorgeous and brilliant grandsons!

    Love you,

    • Dear Barbara, Nikki was commenting how sweet Axel is and I told her that I think it all came from you and his daddy. You are a big part of who your three grandsons are!

      Love you and want to know how your journey is going.

      Mark your calendars. We are definitely coming your way June 11th for the hip hop festival at the Renaissance hotel on Quebec.

  5. What a beautiful tribute. Yes a perfect combination:

    One cannot live in the world of enchantment and still keep their feet completely on the ground

    Thank you for linking up!


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