What to Do With Your Kids in the Winter In Snowmass

Mardi Gras in Snowmass

Mardi Gras in Snowmass was so worth the drive up there with the kids.


[su_heading]Mardi Gras in Snowmass[/su_heading]

Mardi Gras in Snowmass is always a smorgasbord of happy children draped in glitter and beads. As the boys and I ran up the hill after parking the car we witnessed skiers in shrouds of bling fueling our excitement. Getting closer we were forewarned by other moms that the crowd was aggressive, catching as many of the 24,000 beads as they could. It was all about quantity.

I just love when the energy of an event gets me so excited that I can hardly stand myself. On “Fat Tuesday” this is exactly what happens with the mall pulsing with adults and children alike drowning in  strands of beads. As we approached we caught the bead fever.

People were behaving as if forbidden jewels from a Pirate’s treasure chest were being tossed freely into the air and if we didn’t learn the art of capturing the attention of the bead throwers we would be left naked and penniless.

As the Basalt Dance Troupe shimmied along in the parade I had that same feeling that I always have when I see young girls dancing, envy. I  always wanted to be a dancer when I was younger but the programs were always dull with old ninnies teaching the classes and bad music. Who knows where I would be today if there were the likes of Jayne Gottlieb teaching hip hop in my home town, probably right here typing away at my computer with my split toe Bosch dancing sneakers on which, come to think of it, I need to wear more often.

At the end of the day, the boys devoured delicious pizza at Long Fellows and they weren’t even embarrassed when I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home, I guess their getting use to having a scatter-brain for a mother.

Once again the kindness of the locals amazed me as they let my starving children eat and handed me an IOU to pay them back later.

We then walked down Fanny Hill to ride back up on the Skittles Gondola, Tucker’s favorite. As the boys scampered down, I slowly made my way in the warm afternoon light absorbing the beautiful surrounding views and breathed a very happy sigh.

On the way back up a man from Bali got into the gondola wanting to know where and why the boys had gotten all of the beads. He had left his beautiful country and his ten year old daughter behind to try and make a life for himself in America. With a big smile on his face he watched the boys and all of their energy and I watched him, wondering if life working in a kitchen in Snowmass was better than being with his family at home.

When we were leaving the apres-ski parties were just beginning and I felt a deep pang of longing for my past as I walked by a Jagermeister party, but that feeling evaporated quicker than they used to.

The boys went to sleep staring at their beads and the next day showed off their new wealth to all of their friends at school.

Even though I couldn’t help but wish that I had been able to haul my boys all the way to New Orleans to celebrate in real cajun style, Snowmass did not disappoint!




What a smile!!!


I’m sure I know the daddy but can’t place him


The Basalt Dance Troupe




IMG_2832The Glenwood Springs Marching Band


IMG_2817Nothing like a little Brazilian color




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14 thoughts on “Mardi Gras in Snowmass”

  1. As always, your pictures are priceless! I felt like I was there. And you’re right – my gosh there were a LOT of bedazzled and bejeweled children!

    So glad you all had fun, and that it’s still okay to pay off a handwritten IOU. Gives me restored faith in the money-motivated aspects of humanity. (smile)

    Be well!
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last blog ..Underwear in the Jungle! =-.

  2. I love your photos. I remember skiing in Snow Mas on Mardi Gras day and beads being thrown from chair lifts onto the trees!
    You are a wonderful mother giving your children incredable experiences

  3. Yey! Mardi Gras in Snowmass, I love it. I caught so many beads on Fat Tuesday in my hometown in Louisiana, I was feeling pretty good. And then I turned to my left and realized I was reveling next to a girl in bikini panties who had jumped up on an ice chest to shine her moon towards the parade. No wonder all those beads were coming my way. 🙂


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