Surfing Glenwood Springs

Get your surfboards here in Glenwood Springs and ride the wave!
Joey Lang, Freestyler, entrepreneur: Joey's Surfboards.
Joey Lang, Freestyler, entrepreneur: Joey’s Surfboards.

Surfing Glenwood Springs

Article written by Julie Lang:

Of all the fun summer activities we have available here in the mountains, my favorite is the Glenwood Springs Wave.  In early March 2008 Kayak enthusiasts, and the town of Glenwood Springs engineered the first artificial wave on the Colorado River. Giant cubes of concrete and rocks were placed in positions, allowing the river water to have a constant eddy, or a consistent wave, allowing kayakers to practice rolling and other tricks.

But, leave it up to the kids and their imagination to make a good idea a GREAT IDEA. The wave is not just for kayakers but it has become a popular destination for surfers and boogie boarders.  Now parents can practice their kayaking while at the same time their kids surf in the “Wave.”  Surfing the wave is so much fun, and has become so popular, that I brought 10 kids down to West Glenwood Springs for a birthday party.  Boogie boarding, cake and ice cream, what a great day.   Last summer my friend Heather Frolicker and her husband Hans brought a group of boys down to the wave for full moon surfing.  The kids were out all night long.  How lucky we are to raise our kids in the mountains.

The only stumbling block I have found as far as playing in the wave, is finding ocean equipment in the mountains.  We can buy skis, bikes and climbing gear, but boogie boards, surfboards and even stand-up surf boards are hard to find.  Hence, the newfound business “Rocky Mountain Surf Supply”.

14-year-old Joey Lang not only loves surfing in the Glenwood Springs wave, but he is also an avid free ride skier. Joey would like to take his free ride talents to the Olympics someday, which can be a very expensive adventure.   In order to raise money and keep both interests alive Joey has created “Rocky Mountain Surf Supply.”

We (Joey and Julie Lang) are taking orders for boogie boards.  After 100 orders we can get the boards in bulk allowing us to keep the prices low.  Below are the boards for sale.  To place an order contact: [email protected] or call 970-456-8034 or 970-379-1728.  You’ll be happy to add this new thrilling sport on your calendar for both you and your kids to enjoy this summer.

Get your surfboards here in Glenwood Springs and ride the wave!
Get your surfboards here in Glenwood Springs and ride the wave!


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