Video Post for Testing


This is a test post for the posting of video content on aspen real life. This is a long worded sentence that’s here for the purpose of taking up as much space as possible in a paragraph form so that I can adequately see the effect of wording on a page where, beneath this text, there is a video with visual content that is both viewable by the use and uploadable by the author of this blog. This sentence will continue on for some time as I would still like some additional text. Is this enough text? This is almost enough text, but the addition of more text that will alight correctly at the end of this sentence will likely be adequate right about now.

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Jillian Livingston
Meet Jillian Livingston, influencer, connector, mom of three teen boys, and the Founder of Aspen Real Life and Aspen Business Connect. As an adventure seeker and freelance travel writer Jillian has contributed to luxury travel sites such as; Inspirato, Quintess, Bespoke Concierge Magazine and Destinations Travel Magazine. She was also the Roaring Fork Examiner. With a mission to discover the treasures of our valley and beyond, and connect us all closer together, Jillian and contributing writers share daily encounters and experiences found in the bars, trails and chair lifts. Have an important message you want to amplify, or a service you would like for the Aspen Real Life team to experience? Email Michelle Bryan: [email protected]


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