Dogs of Aspen

Dogs of Aspen

Yes, it’s true. We have a whole lotta fur coats up here in Aspen, and most of them are worn proudly by our beloved canines.

Aspen has the reputation as being dog-friendly, which is a deal breaker when those wanting to visit and play with their pup in the mountains book their vacation here.

With amazing trails to hike, an abundance of well groomed butts to sniff and all of those friendly Rocky Mountain folk wanting to be their next best friend, emerging out of doorways to bury their own noses into their coats and feed them gourmet home-made doggie treats, it’s like dog-heaven up here.

Dogs of Aspen

Aspen Animal Shelter

At the center of all the dog-love (and cats, parrots and the occasional pig) is Seth Sachson, the Owner/Founder of the Aspen Animal Shelter, a no kill shelter located near the Aspen Airport Business Center. Seth is always approachable and goes the extra mile to help those with animal concerns.

Vodka For Dog People

When I found out that The Animal Shelter’s third annual Dog Day Carnival community event was coming up, I brought in Tito’s Handmade Vodka to co-sponsor the event with us.

For twenty years Tito has been not only making award winning microdistilled 6 times, 100% gluten-free vodka, but he has also been committed to rescuing dogs, many of them of whom live with him in his distillery and office.

Together we brought in photographers to capture the beauty of the dogs and their owners at this Dog Day Carnival and interviewed the companies who came in to donate their time and their food to ensure a good time was had by all.

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Photos by Alex Blanco unless otherwise noted.









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