Aspen and Carbondale’s Fairs and Markets

Aspen and Carbondale's Fairs and Markets
Photo Credit: Jillian Livingston

Aspen and Carbondale’s Fairs and Markets

Since Colorado’s snowy weather and muddy trails usually persevere throughout the month of June, July is when Aspen locals shed down to as close to their skivvies as possible and get their summer muscle sculpt on – overturning every obstacle in their path as they conquer peaks, rapids, cracks, roads and single tracks. And when they emerge exhausted and satiated, they gather together in parks and on closed streets at our abounding fairs and markets to enjoy the locally made food, crafts…and brewed and distilled beer and spirits. And of course there is always music playing to ensure that they keep their bodies moving to release lactic acid build up.

Aspen Arts Festival

With back to back fairs and markets, there is never want for something to do, the problem only lies in taking the time to do it, and that’s why we have a team to cover as much as we possibly can, beginning with the 14th Annual Downtown Aspen Arts Festival that boasted creations ranging from life-size sculptures, photography, glass, paintings, ceramics, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and mixed media.

Carbondale Mountain Fair

The beloved 45th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair, which began in what seems like an ancient time period, 1972. Today, the Mountain Fair draws over 145 vendors who show off their homemade wares to the 20,000 people who pass through and what seems like the whole of Carbondale, and those adventurous folk who aren’t afraid to drive past the round a bout,  to sing songs of peace together and dance up a storm in front of the live music playing on the stage while children dunk their heads in the stream and play at The Oasis, an interactive and creative playground.

An enormous departure from the calm and sophisticated events of Aspen, people let loose at this fair enjoying tremendous community spirit, best evidenced by the over 300 volunteers who come together to run the fair.

Aspen Saturday Farmer’s Market

A diverse marketplace for locals and visitors. The ASMG was approved by City Council in 1998. 2016 will mark their 18th year as a market.

Aspen and Carbondale's Fairs and Markets
Michele Cardamone and Shea Sweeney at Aspen Farmer’s Market.
Aspen and Carbondale's Fairs and Markets
Clay Engels PC: JL
Aspen and Carbondale's Fairs and Markets

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