Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience

Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience
Denise Searle, Owner of The Fix

Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience

Whenever we work an event, it is always our goal to zero in on the locals that have managed to get away from the rigmarole of their lives to enjoy a little play time (yes, we mountain folk also need our escapes).

It’s not always easy though, capturing these elusive locals. Most of them prefer to be incognito, because truth be told, they are ALL rockstars – celebrities in their own right – doing extremely cool things to make it work here, in paradise, and when they get away from it all; work, family, work-outs, they just want to have fun and not have the attention on them. But sometimes they need to give it up for us over at AspenRealLife where all we’re doing is trying our best to keep it all real.




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