Saying Goodbye To Boogie’s Diner in Aspen

Saying Goodbye To Boogie’s Diner in Aspen

Inside the towering atrium in the heart of downtown Aspen, Boogie’s classic family-style diner was opened by Leonard “Boogie” Weinglass in 1987. Since then it has been the only place to get that true 1950’s diner feel in town, with pink vinyl booths and memorabilia on the walls of rockstar friends of Boogie’s , kids who were televised on American Bandstand and more images from the 50’s.

It was a fun place for parents to gather and pack kids into the booths, while waiters and waitresses served them up french fries, burgers and shakes, 50’s style. If all went well, parents could even slip downstairs to spice up their wardrobes while kids got loud in the restaurant upstairs.

Boogie’s Diner

It is very sad for us to see long standing establishments owned by locals go out of business, and we wanted to say a proper good-bye so we went back for more interviews with  Sammy Steen, Mike Delaney of BLK MKT, and this time were able to capture Boogie’s daughter, Skye Bird, along with Josh Fox of Thrashclub.Com, both of whom helped to put the pop-up store together before the building exchanged hands with the new owners.


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