Women’s March in Aspen

Women’s March in Aspen

Here at AspenRealLife we share the same sentiment as many who can’t help but feel that perhaps we needed somebody to so viscerally offend us in order for us to get off our complacent asses and start marching for change. That just happened. And so the overdue Revolution begins.

As I do my research to find out what I should apply my energy to that will generate the most effective results to spark that change, I am currently doing what is accessible, and right in front of me, and that is contacting our Senate and sharing coverage on events, and so yesterday I marched in Aspen with over 5 Million worldwide, because now is the time to speak up and do what we can to make a change in our Government.

The energy was incredible and it felt good to stand up and start marching in unison for all human rights, and for a different scenario in our American Politics.

According to the Washington Post, Trump has hired the worst cabinet in American history with Puzder, DeVos and Pruitt appearing to have been chosen “…for their fervent opposition to the mission of the agency they will be leading.”

never before has one president assembled such a remarkable collection of individuals who are either unqualified for their jobs, devoted to subverting their agencies, or both, not to mention the ethical questions that will continue to swirl around this administration.Paul Waldman, Washington Post
The Washington Post
Donald Trump’s cabinet brings with it a combination of ethical problems, inexperience, hostility to the missions of the departments its members are being called to lead, and plain old ignorance that is simply unprecedented…. Andrew Puzder, Secretary of Labor: If Trump had searched America to find the individual most hostile to the rights of workers, he could not have done much better than Puzder, the CEO of a fast-food company. The man who will be responsible for safeguarding workers’ rights is an ardent opponent of minimum wage increases and laws mandating things like break time and overtime pay; his company has been repeatedly cited for wage theft.
The Washington Post
Donald Trump has truly blazed a new trail with the people he has gathered around him. One can only imagine the damage they’re going to do.

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute my role as an American and will to the best of my ability to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States.”~ AspenRealLife

Thank you to the millions of people around the world who came together to raise our voices. But our march forward does not end here. Now is the time to get our friends, family and community together and MAKE HISTORY. Let’s not normalize any of this …. What happens here is going to affect everybody everywhere … We’re interconnected … this is one world. #TheRevolutionStartsNow

Join WomensMarch.com in launching a new campaign:
10 Actions for the first 100 Days.

Top 30 Adjectives Used to Describe Trump: Accredited Times.com

  1. Racist
  2. Sexist
  3. Islamaphobic
  4. Homophobic
  5. Transphobic
  6. Xenophobic
  7. Misogynistic
  8. Bigoted
  9. Heteronormative
  10. White supremacist
  11. KKK supporting
  12. David Duke endorsing
  13. Nazi
  14. Hitleresque
  15. Fascist
  16. Clownish
  17. Clumsy
  18. Stupid
  19. Chauvinistic
  20. Piggish
  21. Rude
  22. Ignorant
  23. Climate change denying
  24. Hateful
  25. Snake oil selling
  26. Demagogic
  27. Triggering
  28. Insensitive
  29. Brash
  30. Dangerous



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