Mountain Biking Seven Star in Aspen

Mountain Biking Seven Star in Aspen

Soooo happy to be back on my mountain bike again with #teamsweeney💖and I'd like to thank RFMB for the gorgeous trails, and everyone coming down the trail for being courteous and pulling over to the side so we didn't have to stop our uphill momentum. Love me my mountain biking peeps ‼️ Michele Cardamone Photography Pame Designs CYCLEBAR Sweeney & Associates Real Estate #Snowmassmountainbiking#starsevenAspen Snowmass, Snowmass#inlovewithJune#colorado#aspenreallife

Posted by Aspen Real Life on Sunday, June 4, 2017

As somebody who has skied since I was three, I truly am most happy when I am out in nature exploring, and going fast. When summer hits, as much as I like hiking and jumping into hypo-thermic mountain lakes, hiking just doesn’t give me that adrenaline rush I am looking for, and so a few years ago I exchanged my ancient mountain bike for a Santa Cruz Tall Boy, and life took on a whole new meaning.

Thanks to Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, The town of Snowmass Parks & Trails, and RFMBA Roaring Fork Mountain Biking Trails I am Soooo happy to be back on my mountain bike again and I’d like to thank all the gentlemen and women coming down the trail for being courteous and pulling over to the side so we didn’t have to stop our uphill momentum. Love me my mountain biking peeps

[su_box title=”MTBProject.Com”]The Seven Star Trail can be ridden up or down, but many riders will encounter it first as an extension to a traditional south to north Rim Trail Loop ride. Find the intersection a few minutes downhill from the North Rim Trail’s highpoint. For a shorter loop, and more direct connection, start at Town Park (aka Rodeo Lot, aka Snowmass Recreation Center parking lot), and climb the North Rim Trail to this intersection, or find the bottom of the trail northeast of the parking lot and tennis courts. When ridden in the downhill direction, you’ll encounter an initial traversing section that includes panoramic views of Snowmass and Sky Mt. Park and the mountainous horizon beyond. The trail speeds up and includes a seemingly endless amount of turns through scrub oak terrain, until finally arriving at a large sage brush meadow and a final traverse above Brush Creek wetlands on the way back to the Town Park Trailhead. While it’s north of Brush Creek Rd., the trail is actually part of Sky Mt. Park, managed by Pitkin County Open Space and Trails. The town of Snowmass Parks & Trails and RFMBA were also funding partners for the trail constructed by Tony Boone Trails late 2016.[/su_box]

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5 days ago

Aspen Real Life

Now this is what we call a cool belt buckle!


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2 weeks ago

Aspen Real Life

Anastasiya and Kateryna are two superwomen who created their own brand, Aspen Dream Co.

The concept for Aspen Dream Co began one summer day when Anastasiya, pregnant with twins, saw a mama bear and her 3 cubs lounging in an Aspen tree in downtown Aspen. Kateryna sketched the scene. It was not until the babies were born that Kateryna thought of the mama bear all soft and cuddly in the tree. Remembering her drawing, the idea came to design the 5-minute PJ, incredibly soft to the touch light and cozy pajamas, perfect for snuggling in bed at home, or for taking a quick jaunt to lunch. Anastasiya took the idea and ran with it creating and producing Aspen Dream Co.

These PJ’s are the perfect keepsake to bring home from Aspen and may be found at, or locally at ZEMA lingerie, Aspen CO. Also soon to be added to our new Aspen Marketplace (stay tuned).

Aspen Dream

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