Living Wholly in Aspen

Living Wholly in Aspen

Living Wholly in Aspen

Living Wholly invites you to an afternoon of connection in Aspen. Immerse into the experience as you connect with others in a beautiful setting inside and outdoors. Enjoy live music upon arrival with food + drinks passed and exceptional company. Settle in and get seated to hear from our curated panel of experts, which will include; Ashley Turner, Licensed Psychotherapist, Writer and Yoga-Meditation Instructor; Beth Mobilian, Spiritual Educator, Life Coach, Personal Development Facilitator; Jeff Patterson, Success Coach, Professional Speaker and Author; and giving partner, Gina Murdock, Founder, Aspen City of Wellbeing. With this exceptional panel of speakers, Living Wholly will explore how humans thirst for inner and outer connection, it’s infinite benefits, tools to ask for support, ways to receive it and the impact it has on our every day lives.  Imagine a social occasion with inspiring content woven in to engage + uplift.
Living Wholly is a resource designed to cultivate human connection + elevate consciousness through inspiring content, event experiences, e-commerce + experts in health and wellness. Each quarter, they give back to a specific organization that aligns with their intention to contribute and make a meaningful impact in the world. Jenny Emblom, the Founder of Living Wholly was diagnosed with a ‘borderline’ ovarian tumor in 2012 at the age of 33. With ovarian cancer in her lineage, the doctors began to get concerned. This defining moment changed her life 180º. In late 2013, the Living Wholly concept emerged after she healed herself through a raw/vegan, mindful and holistic lifestyle.  Shortly after returning to Venice, CA she created the Living Wholly events with the intention of staying inspired and on track with her health while cultivating community and soaking up the wisdom in the wellness world. From there, Living Wholly was born. She is very excited to take the events into other cities outside of Los Angeles. Aspen being the next then Austin, Atlanta and more on the radar. The guests say that they enjoy the dynamic guest list, inspiring content and the uniquely curated experience of every event. The overarching intention is elevation and connection.

Listen to our podcast where we talk to Jenny about Living Wholly and her event taking place in Aspen.


2.00 – 2.45  Arrival + socializing with hors d’oeuvres + drinks passed
live music by Josefina Mendez
2.45 – 3.30  Conversation with panel of speakers moderated by David Cook
3.30 – 5.00  Cultivating connection as we mingle enjoying  hors d’oeuvres + drinks with live music, photography by the late Brady Curry + Living Wholly pop up shop.
Be sure to get your tickets to the Living Wholly day event in Aspen taking place this week, June 24th at Casa Tua:

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Aspen Real Life

Anastasiya and Kateryna are two superwomen who created their own brand, Aspen Dream Co.

The concept for Aspen Dream Co began one summer day when Anastasiya, pregnant with twins, saw a mama bear and her 3 cubs lounging in an Aspen tree in downtown Aspen. Kateryna sketched the scene. It was not until the babies were born that Kateryna thought of the mama bear all soft and cuddly in the tree. Remembering her drawing, the idea came to design the 5-minute PJ, incredibly soft to the touch light and cozy pajamas, perfect for snuggling in bed at home, or for taking a quick jaunt to lunch. Anastasiya took the idea and ran with it creating and producing Aspen Dream Co.

These PJ’s are the perfect keepsake to bring home from Aspen and may be found at, or locally at ZEMA lingerie, Aspen CO. Also soon to be added to our new Aspen Marketplace (stay tuned).

Aspen Dream

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