Carbondale Mountain Fair 2017

Carbondale Mountain Fair 2017

Photos by Igor Gevonshyr Prokhorko

Carbondale Mountain Fair 2017

A late afternoon thunderstorm rolling through the valley could not stop the masses from arriving at Carbondale’s 46th annual Mountain Fair. The fair hosted a bevy of art vendors from near and far. The rain was no match for the energy created by the people, the music and the variety of food and libations.

Entering through the Exit sign we fast-tracked it to trying the New Belgium Flip IPA and then finding the bonsai tree tent. Speak no more. As budding adults, our taste in craft fairs has been experiencing a slow shift to more aesthetically pleasing goods. I watched as my friend locked eyes with a little bonsai and I could tell that $39 dollars later she had found her new companion in her tiny apartment.

As I wandered through the vendors I was struck by the art of Susan Elliot and would have walked away with a new painting had it not been for my looming rent check that was due shortly. We did however treat ourselves to the food; infused goat cheese, shrimp tacos, and crispy funnel cake provided by local purveyors, all consumed as local bands performed and people dressed in alter-egos danced.

As the sunset and we made for the car, we left feeling happy with full bellies and a bit of a buzz. The energy was high and the bands were getting going as night crept into Carbondale.

Photos by Jillian Livingston


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Aspen Real Life

Anastasiya and Kateryna are two superwomen who created their own brand, Aspen Dream Co.

The concept for Aspen Dream Co began one summer day when Anastasiya, pregnant with twins, saw a mama bear and her 3 cubs lounging in an Aspen tree in downtown Aspen. Kateryna sketched the scene. It was not until the babies were born that Kateryna thought of the mama bear all soft and cuddly in the tree. Remembering her drawing, the idea came to design the 5-minute PJ, incredibly soft to the touch light and cozy pajamas, perfect for snuggling in bed at home, or for taking a quick jaunt to lunch. Anastasiya took the idea and ran with it creating and producing Aspen Dream Co.

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