Meet Bear Matthews, Teen Entrepreneur

When 16 year old Bear Matthews came on board the AspenRealLife ship to intern with me this past summer, I knew I was getting an individual who would far exceed my expectations but I couldn’t have fathomed in what capacity … and no … I did not bring him on just because his name  coincidentally matched my logo, it just happened to be a very nice fit.

A genZ (er), Bear throws himself into the core of every situation and is up for anything and everything, which is why he and his teen partners are gaining rapid momentum with their start-up company, The Tardigrade Group, a company that takes on teenage run startups and guides them through the process of developing their idea and passion into a public brand.

Mission Statement. We stand to take teenage run startups and guide them through the process of developing their idea and passion into a public brand. We plan to aid 12 startups and host 35 events by 2020.

In the one month he was with me before jetting off to London Bear fit perfectly into my creatively spontaneous world, quickly becoming my wing man. The beauty of Bear was that he often flew off on his own creative tangents when on assignment ending up in places where others were denied, which usually meant backstage. Even when challenged to do something that went against his own rules such as keeping his feet on the ground, Bear rarely said no — which is important when with ARL as we often end up with our feet off the ground.

Since the Fall I have watched Bear maneuver his way through our valley, connecting with every organization that can help move him more quickly on his path, and I have been more than impressed by his eloquence and agility when given the opportunity to present through these organizations. Bear has what it takes to go far, and just like many of the other inspirational people we feature on AspenRealLife, you should keep your eye on him … and support his efforts if you are able. Find out more about Bear by visiting


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