Women’s Ski March Aspen

Waking up to yet another balmy day in January, one year later we again put on our ski boots and rode the gondola to start skiing and marching for the Women’s March 2018. Upturning rocks on our way down with an extremely thin base despite the heroic efforts of our Aspen Ski Company compounded the knowledge that this movement for change is no longer a choice but a necessity.

We have an incredible community here in our valley, a community who predominantly leads by example, with love and belief in equality and unity, and a huge part of what enables us to be happy and live this way is because there is not a day that goes by that we are not out one with nature, soaking in the spirit of our mountains, our forests and rivers, and our animals. The closer one gets to and with nature, the more one cares about the future of our planet. But anyone reading this probably knows that already. How do we get those who don’t to leave all their hates and worries behind and go into the forrests?


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