Native Son in Glenwood Springs

Native Son, A New Restaurant Opens in Glenwood Springs

Native Son Opens in Glenwood Springs and you’re gonna wanna go there!

Attending a private tasting at Native Son, a new restaurant opened by local badass, Ricky Rodriguez, I felt like I had arrived. A place where delicious Whiskey drinks with floating fresh berries  are half the price of Aspen, and the street feel is straight up good. From the looks of it, Ricky Rodriguez, also a long-time Owner of Loyal Brothers Lounge, is providing a well needed addition to Glenwood that the locals are pumped to have.

Talking to Rodriguez I learned that he built his bar with his own bare hands, knocking down drywall to expose the brick behind and making his own wide plank wood floors, white washed with a beautiful sea foam green. An entrepreneur with a history of working in restaurants throughout the country, including South Beach, Rodriguez is making things happen and has, “created a monster,” as he describes it, by expanding his enterprise into the venue next door and adding a kitchen and seating for dining.

With a beautiful long bar as the main attraction, and in the back, a low-lit dance floor with ornate lanterns cascading from the ceiling, casting a red-light-district type of glow, the vibe is one of intimacy and good energy, an energy that feels like just about anything positive could happen at any moment.

With the introduction of Native Son Rodriguez is breaking all the rules by serving Brunch Wednesdays through Sundays and having a Happy Hour that begins at 10pm. The bar is open until midnight (call to confirm times and dates).

Rodriguez focuses on providing healthy food, with Elevated Elixers Kombucha on tap; Sunshine and Moons gluten, vegan and sugar free desserts, and a menu that includes; Quesadillas, Tomato Bread, Grilled Chilis, Patatas Bravas, Peruvian Kabobs, Charcuterie, Gazpacho, Sweet Potato Frittata and Gambas. Sunshine Moons is also making fresh bread for the Foccacia.

With Native Son as a dark and cozy gathering place where locals will come for the food, stay for the dancing, and return for the brunch, Ricky Rodriguez is filling a void in Glenwood, and kicking some serious ass. In Rodriguez’s words, “It’s a place where people will get out of their phones to do some social networking” …. on the dance floor. Naturally, we are planning an Aspen Business Connect event there.





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