Closing Day Aspen Mountain 2018

The closing of a mountain in a ski resort town is a day to all join together and celebrate the passing season, before we take off to get our adrenaline rush in the waves or on single track elsewhere for the off-season.

Yesterday was an awesome day that started off with Oysters and Tequila at Ajax Tavern, and ended, once again, with friends and family helping to recover my scattered gear from all over town. Actually, it didn’t really start off so awesome, and that’s why you may have seen me dancing on top of that table at Shlomo’s. I was making up for that skin I had to miss due to pesky disorganized teen boys responsible for my only having one boot in the car when I finally got to Tiehack, which then led to my getting to my belongings too late in the locker room. At least that was all that got locked up.

I wrote an entire story for all of you after getting dropped off, but couldn’t understand a word of it this morning, so I figured it best to forget my story, and show you everybody else’s.

Closing Day was such an awesome celebration of local life, a true testament of our positive temperaments up here and our ability to squeeze out a few drips of stories from a less than memorable snow season.

Now, time for a break before we hit it hard with summer tourism.

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Aspen Highlands Closing Day 2018


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