Jam Lake: The New Local Hot Spot

Jam Lake: The New Local Hot Spot

My first thoughts are, I want to keep it all to myself and my kids, but then again, I’m a blogger, and so feel the need to tell you about Jam Lake, a little oasis nestled in between the paragliding landing fields and the roundabout. A secret place that the locals have gone to for years is now a place to go with friends and family when looking for a place to cool off and enjoy nature without traveling too far off the beaten path.

With Othello at the helm, it is no surprise that the man who thinks outside the box took a concept to fruition and got permits from the city to give us all an affordable local spot to play on the water. Right now his operation is rudimentary, the way we like it. With a sign that he burned Jam Lake into with a magnifying glass, an umbrella, coolers with snacks and drinks, and Rasta colored paddle boards that he hauls down the path daily for all of our pleasure, the vibe is chill.

To the sounds of soft music playing through speakers in the trees, giggles and large splashes as the boys played games testing their balancing skills on the boards, Amanda Dykann, her pup Jasper, and I paddled around the lake to Buttermilk views and the Aspen Chapel steeple. As yellow bellied Warblers flew by, our conversation immediately lead to how if one is able to let go of any expectations for outcomes in life and just lets things happen, the Universe often leads us in the right direction. Amanda will be there with Othello on most days offering yoga on the boards for those who want it.

At only $20 per hour, per paddle board, or $10 per hour per float, you can enjoy a peaceful spot to toil around in, and no, unless you have Othello’s cell, there is no way to reserve, just get there before the others, he’s there 11am-5pm daily.

When it popped up on my Insta message, all I saw was a rudimentary wooden sign with the words Jam Lake burned onto it, and then the message, “Yo J! Make sure you come to the Lake on a regular this summer please.” Lake? What? Where? How?


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