It’s all about the water

It’s all about the water

Glenwood Springs has been a famous hot springs destination for well over a century. Much of the city’s history revolves around our geothermal waters, and the development of Glenwood Springs as a major attraction on Colorado’s western slope can be tied to directly to this resource. What is it about our water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs that makes this amazing gift of nature so special? Where it comes from, how we care for it and why soaking in it is so good for you.

It’s all about the water

What’s in our water? With fourteen unique dissolved minerals found in our geothermal waters, Iron Mountain Hot Springs water is more than just relaxing.  The collective properties of these minerals are actually beneficial. Studies show that it can improve mental and physical health by helping you feel more relaxed; the minerals subtly work on mending the body from the outside in. Each of the minerals offer unique benefits and several are inherent in the makeup of our bodies and life itself.

Boron, calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, lithium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphate, silica, sodium, sulfate and zinc.  It’s quite a list, but these are all of the minerals out water gathers on its journey to the surface from deep within the earth. Even with the same minerals, every hot spring is different because each hot spring will have a different balance and concentration of those minerals. Check out our mineral spotlight blog series for detailed information about each of the minerals found in Iron Mountain Hot Springs water.

Our waters actually originate from three different springs deep within Iron Mountain; The Gamba Spring, named for one of the earlier owners, comes out at 108°F, the Redstone Well ‘surfacing’ at 118°F, and the Hobo Spring which starts out at approximately 103°F, before wending their collective ways to the Colorado River.

It’s all about the water

How we care for our geothermal water. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is one of the only hot springs to offer 100% pure waters for soaking.  We have installed a unique filtering system using two sand filters before entering the pools. Each pool then has its own separate water supply and outflow; the water does not flow from one soaking pool to another. We never add chlorine or other chemicals to our soaking pools. The water in each pool is completely replaced every two hours with the old water returning to the Colorado River just as Mother Nature would do naturally.  In addition, each of our 16 soaking pools is completely drained and power-washed weekly. This system enables us to ensure the pristine quality that is paramount to maintaining the highest standard for our guests.

Our geothermal water is a precious natural resource for health and healing. As stewards of this natural treasure, we make it our mission to take care of our water on its journey from the spring to the soaking pool. Visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs to learn more.


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