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Kathryn Consoli Founder of Hot Jobs, a Division of TTP

Staying Inspired in Your Career

Author: Hot Jobs President, Kathryn Consoli

As a woman, a business owner, and a young entrepreneur, I began my firm shortly after graduating from the University of Florida. As Founder and Sole Owner of Hot Jobs and TTP, Inc., I have seen many positive changes for women business owners in my 25 years of owning my companies.

I began my career working for one of the first temporary personnel services in the industry, quickly understanding that the concept of filling a gap with a temporary employee, over making a direct hire, was very beneficial for firms. I presented it to management that it would be beneficial to initiate a “Temp to Hire” program, in which the client could hire a temporary employee directly after a probationary period of time with no conversion fee, after that management soon approved ‘Tracy Temporaries’, hiring more “temp to hire” employees than regular temps. The growth of the company was enormous within my first year of employment within the firm, so much so that they cut back on my commission as I was exceeding the commission standards. This sparked my entrepreneurial spirit and soon after I received a call from a successful businessman who owned a manufacturing company, he wanted to meet with me. I had assumed that the meeting was to be about my hiring temps for his firm, but he soon after proposed to be a silent investor in a company I formed in Pompano Beach Florida which came to be, Temp To Perm (TTP, Inc.). This funding relationship with the silent investor allowed the company to grow to a million in billing within 2 years, and thereafter I was able to buy him out as his manufacturing company was in distress and needed capital income. The company was recognized as one of the largest privately-owned personnel services in South Florida.  Many accolades and financial goals were achieved during these years, which I attribute to the wonderful and dedicated team of women who worked in my internal staff.

Enjoying the success of my South Florida office but needing to be inspired by a change of location and scenery, I opened a second office in Carbondale, Colorado in 2008.

My inspiration for my career stems from these three major factors:

  1. Inspiration Of A Vision: I could see nothing else except the vision of my dream turning into a reality.
  2. Accomplishments Passed Forward: When clients call with problems regarding personnel this can be stressful for day to day operations to run smoothly. As a recruiting firm satisfaction comes in successfully solving these problems for our clients. In addition, there have been numerous times in which applicants seeking career opportunities have come inside our firm with a transition happening in their own lives. They found that accepting a “temp to hire” opportunity opened a new door to their career.
  3. Developing Internal Staff: Developing internal staff has been the most rewarding aspect of my career providing me with a great feeling of pride and fulfillment. Working with new college graduates and training them to lead with honesty and integrity was very important to me, and led many of them to later achieve their own business aspirations.

I feel fortunate to have been able to learn strong business attributes at a young age and pass forward all I have learned to others.

Our goal at Hot Jobs, a division of TTP, Inc., is to always act professional and courteous when assisting potential applicants with their job search, and to meet and exceed my clientele’s needs and expectations when seeking personnel for their firms.

If you have friends or family seeking a job opportunity, or your firm has a project or full time opening, please feel free to call me personally for further information on how Hot Jobs may be of service.

Call: 970-963-2647 | Website: | Email: [email protected] | Location: 326 Highway 133, Suite 20, in The Alpine Center in Carbondale, Colorado.


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