Lead With Love 2018. Nourishment – A Game Plan for Prosperity

Lead With Love 2018. Nourishment - A Game Plan for Prosperity
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The Lead With Love Summit 2018 just soulfully rooted itself in our mountain town October 25th – 28th. Kudos to founder and co-director Gina Murdock and team including; Jess Ewert, Abby Stern and Nicole Lindstrom, for a third year of an inspiring, impactful and empowering summit of leaders sharing their practices and successes with an equally giving audience.  

Presenters and topics at Lead with Love included; Conscious Capitalism, “Elevating Humanity Through Business,” featuring; John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods; Professor & Conscious Capitalism, Inc. co-founder Raj Sisodia; and Bob Chapman, CEO Barry-Wehmiller and Truly Human Leadership Founder. The engaging discussion was on how purposestakeholder integrationconscious leadership, and conscious culture and management can help build strong businesses, move capitalism closer to its highest potential, and foster a more positive environment for all of us.  The event was moderated by Lynne Twist (Author The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life).

Next up Bob Chapman, Raj Sisodia and Kip Tindell (founder of The Container Store) pointed out the hard data proving conscious capitalism far surpasses the potential gains of what Raj deemed companies that operate the “Empire building- conquest to serve the ego of the leader” variety. They are committed to helping shift this paradigm in their own thriving companies and in business school curriculums. As Bob said, “We need to create leaders versus manipulators. As we care for each other, we will care for the world.” These men, all wildly prosperous, went off the beaten path including adding more women on their boards and rosters. As Gina Murdock said in an introduction, “are you getting the vibe here?”

Lynne Twist spoke on a Committed Life and taking a stand versus a position. A position “creates and draws an opposition,” she explained with her uniquely solid and heartfelt voice.  “We must hospice the death of our old systems and midwife the new” using each of our unique strengths, both outer and inner resources. A stand for something larger than ourselves is what she believes can give each of us our path to success, spiritual and material.

Tom Gardner, CEO of The Motley Fool discussed how a healthy company requires: 1) Self-awareness 2) Togetherness 3) Freedom 4) Innovation 5) Openness 6) Empowerment 7) Decency 8) Deepening partnership 9) Learning and 10) Love. As a business owner, Tom knows these all take leaps of faith like when he created unlimited paid vacation and “ask for a raise day” with a $200 bonus, just for stating your case to get one. He has put these bullet points into action and has proven that this type of trust breeds far more productivity, creativity, loyalty and profit than the condescending practices of typical management.  

Cynthia Kersey (author Unstoppable) reminded us all to tithe, or just give if you prefer, not once we have amassed enough to share, but now as “receiving is activated by giving.”  These successful mentors and heroes all know that there are energetic, universal laws at play here. Cynthia emphatically coined humans, “simply centers of distribution.”

I could go on for days. There was mom Gina Stryker who has taken on sex-trafficking and has Fed Ex officially training its entire fleet to recognize and intervene in suspicious situations which is already saving lives; Amanda Nguyen, founder and president of Rise and 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, who at 24 changed the bill of rights as a rape victim because “no one else was going to do it.” Virgin Galactic commercial director Stephen Attenborough explained that, as the first passenger carrying commercial space line, Virgin is using our ability to see our planet from space, which can show us that there are no true borders and boundaries within human potential and among our peoples and land. Paul Young, producer and owner of company, MAKE GOOD Content changed his whole career to fight the good fight of giving a voice to the voiceless in an industry he had once plowed through for personal gain.

Lead With Love 2018. Nourishment - A Game Plan for Prosperity
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While taking in these career advice checklists from auspicious and influential leaders in their fields, sound healings with Daniel Love and Karla Miller, yoga and meditation classes equally rounded out a Lead With Love attendee’s day, keeping minds sharp and hearts focused.  Every morning began with a tea ceremony and the House of the Gipsies with Gypsy King members finished off nights with celebratory danceable grooves at Belly Up. There was a shrine to leave an intention and all was burned in a ceremonial fire before summit-goers and presenters headed off in all directions around the planet with their fires stoked to take action; not just voicing hopes and sentiments into their daily lives at home and in the workplace.  Meditation expert Kevin Courtney, the founder of Insight, taught “The Power of Presence”. His final words resonate with me still, “I feel for you all. You have been in this energy of love and cooperation. This safe place. Be aware, you are very open.” Also included in the program were nutritional meals and breaks, as well as practical workshops like “Excel – Mindful Finances.”  Every bite, every word and every interaction I experienced was nothing short of revelatory and life-changing.

Lead With Love 2018. Nourishment - A Game Plan for Prosperity
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Lead With Love 2018. Nourishment - A Game Plan for Prosperity
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Lead with Love focused on not just a vibe, but the practical commitment to put the lessons to action once back in the fray. I, for one, have my game plan in place. Writing this blog is a part of it. This was an impeccable summit. I recommend it for all for next year.  It is not a time to withhold. Time’s up. It is a time to give. Take the reins and lead with love.

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