Nurturing Yourself: Massage at Jean-Robert’s

Nurturing Yourself: Massage at Jean-Robert's

Massage in Aspen

Right before Christmas my body began to break down again, as it tends to do when I am in complete go-mode, juggling kids and an accelerated work pace simultaneously. I decided I needed a little nurturing and so I scheduled an Aveda Wrap massage at Jean-Robert’s Gym to help bring on 2019 with a positive bang.

Megan Read greeted me at the top of the stairs. One of Jean-Robert’s top certified therapists she described her customized massage that would be enhanced with Aveda professional hydrating formulas that heat up to the perfect consistency for therapeutic massage.

The nurturing began as soon as she cocooned my body in warm blankets and wrapped hot towels around my feet, also placing hot packs onto my torso. I have horrible circulation due to frost bitten toes from filming ski races for Scotty Nichols back in the day (don’t think he knows that fact), and I am always cold. The warmth penetrated into my body and I delved into instant relaxation mode as Megan applied the perfect amount of strong pressure into her massage. I was completely transported away from my stress so much so that I walked out of the gym completely disoriented when it was over, torn between wanting to stay in a dream state and needing to get back to reality.

The next day I noticed that I didn’t feel pain while contorting my body to see down our treacherously steep driveway in order to back down. The massage and heat had calmed down my inflammation.

Megan is confident that the work she does on her clients is the best part of the long term results she provides for them, stressing that massage therapy is like working out at the gym, “If you go one time, you only feel good for a few days,” suggesting that massage should be incorporated more regularly into our lives for healing.

Megan is adept on all areas of Mind-Body software and has taken continuing education classes to advance her knowledge and skills of the human body and learning how to get muscles and repetitive motion injuries to heal. She has worked in spas and for chiropractors and her training includes; deep tissue, structural, sports, ashiatsu, cranial sacral, reflexology, and spa treatments.

Everyone needs regular massage but they just don’t know it yet. It really is an investment in your health physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Give me the opportunity and I will work on the right areas of your body in the way your muscles will receive the work that will give you the results you want and need.Megan Read

To make an appointment with Megan Read call Jean-Robert’s Gym: 970.920.9595.

$65/hour for Student Therapist
$95/hour for Licensed Therapist (On promo days only)
$125/hour for Top Certified Therapist

Full 60 minute massage (not 50 minutes)

Walk-ins almost always available
Or call for an appointment
Massage Hours are: 9am – 9pm Everyday

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