Meet Heather Rose Cramer Aspen’s DUI, MIP and License Suspensions Attorney

Meet Heather Rose Cramer Aspen's DUI, MIP and License Suspensions Attorney

Meet Heather Cramer Aspen’s DUI, MIP and License Suspensions Attorney

We must never drive under the influence, but in the unlikely event that you make a mistake and get into trouble, Heather Rose Cramer, P.C. Attorney at Law is available in our valley for DUI, DWAI, MIP & License Suspensions.

Heather spent the first nineteen years of her legal career as Senior Assistant General Counsel with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles before leaving the agency to open her own practice over seven years ago. Considered a foremost expert on DUI law, driver license issues and administrative DUI suspensions, she has received hundreds of published legal opinions and is a speaker and educator for members of the bar, law enforcement officers and district attorneys on DUI and related matters.  Opinions she obtained from district courts and the Florida Supreme Court helped shape Florida’s DUI law.

In 2012 Heather relocated to Aspen, Colorado with her family. While maintaining a successful DUI license suspension and appellate practice in Florida, including numerous oral arguments before the Florida Supreme Court, district courts of appeal and circuit courts, she successfully started Heather Rose Cramer, P.C., focusing on DUI and driver license related matters in the Roaring Fork Valley. As a local practitioner, Heather has gotten to know the judges, attorneys, and community leaders from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.

When not in court Heather relishes being outdoors hiking, biking or skiing with family and friends. She received her BA from the University of Michigan and graduated with honors from the University of Miami School of Law.   

DUI Client Testimonial

Needless to say, being arrested for a DUI is a traumatizing experience at every level. A friend recommended I call Heather Rose Cramer for legal council. I am so very glad I made that call! Heather understood my feelings and my fears and was extremely supportive through the entire process. Not only was Heather able to get a deferred judgment, she was clever enough to find a small error in the arresting officer’s report which resulted in me not having to lose my license thus having my driving privileges reinstated right away. Though this was a difficult time, I never felt alone in the process. Would confidently recommend Heather Cramer to anyone needing legal counsel in a crisis.

If you get into trouble with the law and drinking or under the influence while driving, call Heather Rose Cramer. Contact | [email protected] | 561-714-3351


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