Meet The Aspen Hatter

Meet The Aspen Hatter

Chris Roberts, The Aspen Hatter, is one of the cooler and more authentic people we have met in a long time, not only creating hand-crafted hats that reflect his Austin Texas background, his individualistic style, and his creativity, but he is also a phenomenal musician.

Getting to Know the Aspen Hatter

Walking into the Aspen Hatter is a refreshing departure from any other Aspen store experience. With the scent of sage lingering from finished blessed hats, and South African hunting trophies displayed on the walls, all with beautiful spiraling horns and names like Gemsbok, Blesbok and Bontebok, it’s a place where one has the desire to stop and hang for a while.

Chief Designer, Hatter and Musician, Roberts has created a new sub-culture of fashion in our town. Mentored by JW, a professional cowboy hat maker, he is known for his own style, a style that transforms the personalities of those who where his hats, bringing out their inner cool.

While it’s true that he has developed quite a reputation throughout the country for his prowess in hat making, and while out in town I’ve witnessed people approach him with wads of money to get their own Chris Roberts hat, Roberts is humble with a whole lot of integrity, and does not like to focus on his success, but more on his trade.

Visiting him quite often these past seven months to capture footage, he has introduced me to his craft, his passion for music and his stories on hunting wild game in South Africa. Eyes wide open, I listen to his hunting stories and near death experiences and enjoy meeting the type of clientele that his national popularity attracts, and if I’m lucky I get to listen to him jam on his guitar for creative release, invoking memories of my life lived in NYC where I sought out those speakeasies that one could only find through word of mouth. Hard to find places with obscure entrances in quiet alleys with tom cats praying on city rats.  Places filled with soulful music and good conversations. A rarity in Aspen, Aspen Hatter is more about the authentic experience, where one feels comfortable sitting on the couch talking hats, and if one is lucky, listening to his music.

Someday Chris will pass his trade off to somebody else but for the moment he is fully immersed in his craft, meeting the demands of what his popularity has brought to his shop.

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The Aspen Hatter
Chris Roberts has spent most of his life in Austin Texas until 2013, when he made the move to Aspen Colorado with his family. He has also lived in Jackson, Wyoming, the Turkey Track Ranch in Stinette, Texas. and travels to the Los Angeles and New York often. He has been an athlete, an artist, an avid outdoorsman, adventurist, and at his core he is a jack of all trades with an impeccable eye for style. Making hats and jewelry solely for himself for the last decade, he is recognized as being innovative with his style while staying true to his roots. Now branching out and designing for the public, Chris’s flair for intuitively creating personal designs, for both men and women, is a rare find in a generation where hats are becoming “hip” and found virtually everywhere on everyone. Chris has also been known to choose to pass on a hat from time to time, avoiding becoming too mainstream, rendering his hatmaking process a personal touch for each client. Whether you’re open to experimenting with your style or look or know what you desire out of a hat, the Aspen Hatter is your guy.


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