August 10th Gemma Danielle: Artist Talk

“This Is Beautiful Because You Are Beautiful” by Gemma Danielle
On view until September 15, 2019

Activating a subconscious self-similar recognition of universal patterns and proportions, these drawings are offered as instruments of self awareness. Based on the same mathematical ratios found throughout the natural world, from the cosmic to the atomic, the drawings reflect the intricacy of our own delicate conscious body, as a precisely organized system of light, cells, space and spirit. The beauty perceived in the mandala is the reflected projection of one’s own beauty, self-implicating into an infinite feedback loop of quantum revelation.

Gemma Danielle is a self-taught artist and a master instructor of Usui Reiki, a lineage based Japanese healing technique. She has studied and practiced Reiki for over a decade, and uses her fine art as a medium for the Reiki energy to be shared with a wider audience. Pursuing the transcendental through nonobjective form and the ubiquitous languages of mathematics and physics, she studies the ancient meditation tool of the mandala as a revelatory symbol of cosmic truth. She affirms sacred geometry as an all-pervading axiom, an object of veneration, and attempts to express the ineffable mystical experience of transpersonal consciousness. She silently repeats prayers, or mantras, with each line drawn in her intricate webs, and labors over the precise lines without the aide of a ruler.

Date & Time: August 10th, 2019, 5 – 6:30 PM

Location: Skye Gallery Aspen (Aspen, CO)

Hosted by: Skye Gallery Aspen, Skye Gallery Aspen (Aspen, CO)

Fee: N/A


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