Our Community Listens Communication Skills Training

Oct 15 – Our Community Listens Communication Skills Training Class

In the Roaring Fork Valley, more than 1800 community members have completed the 3 day Communication Skills Training course, with Our Community Listens (OCL). City of Boulder OCL have delivered 24 classes, equipping 383 local government leaders with improved interpersonal communication skills. 

In 2020, OCL looks forward to extending their reach and leveraging the collective impact of a caring community, embedding these skills through the OCL alumni. It is easier to practice these skills when those around you share a common tool set.    

Our Community Listens Remaining Classes for 2019

There are three opportunities remaining to take Communication Skills Training in

October 15-17 double class at The Orchard in Carbondale
November 4-6 single class at Christ Episcopal Church in Aspen
December 4-6 double class at The Orchard in Carbondale  
(Double classes are two classes happening simultaneously in different classrooms at a venue.  Classes share lunch and breaks. Ideal for family members who want to experience the class simultaneously.)   

Please share this invitation with as many people within your span of care who may be inspired by the opportunity, and encourage them to submit applications ASAP! For more information, visit the OCL website.  

APPLY NOW. OCL looks forward to receiving your applications!

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Aspen Real Life

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2 weeks ago

Aspen Real Life

Anastasiya and Kateryna are two superwomen who created their own brand, Aspen Dream Co.

The concept for Aspen Dream Co began one summer day when Anastasiya, pregnant with twins, saw a mama bear and her 3 cubs lounging in an Aspen tree in downtown Aspen. Kateryna sketched the scene. It was not until the babies were born that Kateryna thought of the mama bear all soft and cuddly in the tree. Remembering her drawing, the idea came to design the 5-minute PJ, incredibly soft to the touch light and cozy pajamas, perfect for snuggling in bed at home, or for taking a quick jaunt to lunch. Anastasiya took the idea and ran with it creating and producing Aspen Dream Co.

These PJ’s are the perfect keepsake to bring home from Aspen and may be found at aspendreamco.com, or locally at ZEMA lingerie, Aspen CO. Also soon to be added to our new Aspen Marketplace (stay tuned).

Aspen Dream

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