Living the Life Force with Nicholas Vesey

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Rabbi Itzhak Vardy, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Jillian Livingston, Minister Nicholas Vesey, Gina Murdock

Living the Life Force

“Living the Life-Force” is a 4-week program led by Aspen Chapel Minister, Nicholas Vesey. A follow-up from the “Developing Consciousness” Course, this course will also use exercises and conversation designed to enable you to connect with the ‘Life-Force’ that is at the center of all reality. There will also be an audio-visual element using film.

Carbondale 6pm-7:30pm
Oct 24
Oct 31
Nov 7
Nov 14

Week One – Perspective

A look into how we see our lives and the lives of those around us, and how our perspective affects the way we behave and the attitudes we adopt.

Week Two – Responding to Circumstances

The predominant thrust of our different world cultures has not been to go within to find a place of peace within the chaos, but rather to explain the chaos. How do we deal with the seeming randomness of life and come to a place of peace?

Week Three – Taking Action

What we do matters, not just for ourselves, but as a part of that consciousness that has been coming into being. The choice is to either live a life thought up by our minds and willed into action or to live a life driven and impelled by the Life-Force that is within us. How do we go about making that happen?

Week Four – Expressing Freedom

It is one thing to ramble on about the spiritual life, it is another thing to live it. Spirituality and religion are the easiest things to talk about and argue about because they are so subjective. But to actually live a spiritually-based life is filled with problems. Is there an attitude, a way that we can be that will put us in the right place to be able to strike the right balance between what we try to do and what we allow to be done to us? How do we cooperate with Einstein’s friendly universe?

Each session works on its own, as well as a part of the whole, so do feel free to drop into any of them.

Living the Life Force with Nicholas Vesey


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