8/24 LOVE IN Action- Zoom Sessions

Love in Action Zoom sessions provide to you a supportive space and inspired action steps from our team and partners. Lead with Love is a community connected through action, working together.

During each session you will learn about a cause in need of your action today. Then you will break out into the action session, guided by simple step by step instructions. It’s an incredible feeling taking action in the company of others, knowing that our efforts are part of a larger movement.

Every Monday from 9-10:15 am MST. This offering is FREE and a gift from Lead with Love to YOU! Here’s the direct link to our community wellbeing class if you’d like to join & share with any of your friends!

1. Paper or journal
2. Pencil or pen
3. Yoga Mat or towel with traction
4. Cushion or chair for most comfortable seat
5. Blanket or towel for knee support
6. Water
7. Box of tissues
8. Blanket + pillow for guided relaxation

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