Lions Gate Portal Plant Medicine Ceremony

8/8 Lions Gate Portal Plant Medicine Ceremony

The Lion’s Gate Portal happens every year when the Sun is in Leo and the Earth and Sirius star system (which represents abundance and fertility) align and Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. These alignments bring forth an intense surge of light that activates the DNA and charges the human energy field with the codes of awakening bringing forth an opportunity to more fully awaken your divine light and ascension.

Participating in the Lion’s Gate Portal Plant Medicine Sound Ceremony & Intention Burning Ritual will bring your vibration into alignment with your desires. During the ceremony you will be drumming and using Plant Music TherapyTM, which is a new form of sound therapy where plants play music that enhances your journey and attunes your frequency to the natural flow of life.

Following the Plant Medicine Sound Ceremony you may partake in snacks to nourish the body and then engage in the Intention Burning Ceremony.

To Register, please contact The Scrying Azalea Facebook page, email at Azal[email protected], 303-374-4241 Or email Teresa Helgeson at [email protected], 303-870-1618

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