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A Perfect Aspen Valentine’s Day, Based off of Your Love Language

Do you know your love language? Do you even know what a love language is? If not, you’re certainly not alone, but you would be doing yourself a favor by taking this fun quiz to find out. Then, continue to read on for an all-can-do guide to a 2021 Aspen Valentine’s Day you never knew you needed– until now, that is.

“The 5 love languages” are a concept penned by philosopher and author Gary Chapman. In the early 90’s, Chapman outlined five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love (quality time, acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch), all which he calls “love languages”. Once you know yours, you’ll be one step closer to knowing how to best receive love, what kind of love you most like to receive, and from whom you should be receiving it.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, or “Singles Awareness Day” as many affectionately call it, we thought we’d lay out a few itineraries to explore, based on whichever love language you identify with. While romantic, socially-distanced activities like hiking, biking, and skiing are still good to go, some of the classically romantic ventures like dancing, fancy dinners, movies, and shows of all kinds are a no-go. Thankfully, Aspen is a city rich in creativity and fun, so there are plenty of innovative and unique ways to celebrate your SO this year right in the valley, without much added cost, and with an extra dose of nostalgia.

Whether it’s aphrodisiacs at Jimmy’s, lingerie for a sexy night in, a heartfelt personally-curated date night outfitted with a well-written love note, or a flower delivery, the perfect Valentine’s bottle of chardonnay, we’ve got you covered.

Below, a few of our top recs, for each <3 language:

Quality time

Although it’s the obvious touchstone of most relationships, there are a fair amount of folks who prefer one of the other four languages. For those of us though who prefer undivided attention, that special feeling of being connected, and the intimacy of one-on-one activities, there are plenty here in the Valley.

Now, it’s no secret, that for many, the easiest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So, we took it upon ourselves to give you this year’s hottest hotspots for a romantic night on the town, whether it’s in downtown Aspen, a base village, or in Basalt’s town square.

French Alpine Bistro

Also known as Crêperie du Village,  the bistro is a chic-cozy spot that specializes in sweet and savory crepes and fondues to share. Does it get more romantic than French food? French Bistro has repeatedly been named one of the most romantic restaurants in the US–one step inside and it’s easy to see why. This year, they are offering a specially curated 4 course menu for $175/person.

Heather’s Savory Pies

Down valley, there are plenty of options for a romantic night out. For real mountain vibes, and a little less money than you’d probably spend in Aspen, head to Heather’s in Basalt. This Valentine’s Day, they’re offering live music from acoustic indie folk band Feeding Giants, along with a specially curated Valentine’s Day menu featuring Alaskan Cod, Lobster Thermidor, and Wagu Steak, and of course, champagne. Make a reservation in advance by calling 970-927-0151

Mawa’s Kitchen

If only we could indulge upon one of Mawa’s private Valentine’s dinners It’s been quite a year, and this Valentine’s Day is likely going to look a bit different for most of us than last year. If you’re looking for a delicious dinner without the labor, let Mawa’s Kitchen do the work for you! They will be offering a special Valentine’s Menu for to-go and dine-in, so you don’t have to even lift a finger. Reservations are highly recommended as space is limited but pick up orders can be placed now. The cost of the three course dinner, which includes options like miso black cod, and rosemary filet mignon, along with an appetizer and dessert is just $85.00 per person.

Acts of service

If your love language is acts of service, you value when your partner goes out of their way to make your life easier. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference if you’re one of these people–like making you coffee for you in the morning, picking up your laundry for you, or cleaning the house without being asked. Here are a few ways to reign it in this Valentine’s Day.

Order a to-go dinner from Meat and Cheese

An iconic farm store and restaurant Meat & Cheese offers not only an incredibly delicious take out menu of cheese boards from around the world, but this year they’ve designed a cookie box to give to your loved ones. Treat your valentine to a box of 9 handmade cookies including; chocolate salted brownie cookies, Funfetti sugar cookies and raspberry thumbprints.

Book a Romantic Night’s Stay at Hotel Jerome

Nothing says “Aspen” quite like Hotel Jerome. The iconic hotel has been a staple here in Aspen since 1889. Famous for it’s history, it’s famous “J-Bar”, it’s gorgeous sitting room and leather furniture, and of course, it’s hotel rooms, you can’t really visit Aspen without stopping by. If you’re willing to cash out the big bucks, booking a room here for the night would be well worth it. Top it off with a bottle of champagne from room service and you’ve got yourself a special night with your special someone.

Buy a Bouquet from TindallSkye Designs

Perhaps nothing says romance more than a fresh bouquet of roses, but rather than get the expected visit Jen Tindall \and get the most beautifully designed arrangement you’ll never even have been able to imagine. Jen is a true artist who came to Aspen by way of Nantucket, to open up TindallSkye Designs. Her floral arrangements feature flowers from all over the world, in all different sizes, colors, and prices. Located in the Aspen Business Center, you can stop by to pick yours out, or call ahead and place and order for your significant other. Sad note – if you have not ordered your arrangement by now, you may be shit out of luck, but try her anyway, you could get lucky.


Gifts is a pretty straightforward love language: You feel loved when people give you “visual symbols of love,” as Chapman calls it. And it’s not so much about the monetary value but the symbolic thought behind the item. If you’re one of these people, you know that the key lies in giving meaningful things that matter to another person, not just yourself. Here are a few ideas from around the valley, for not just your lover, but Valentine’s, parents, grandparents, and kids, too.

Chocolate from Pollinator Chocolate Company

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows rolled in raspberry and graham crackers from Pollinator Chocolates! Photo: Mark Burrows

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And on Valentine’s Day? Even better. Pollinator Chocolate has a huge collection of not just chocolates, but also special holiday treats like this years special vegan marshmallow dipped in chocolate and rolled in freeze dried raspberries. Owner and founder Mark Burrows started his company initially as a passion project in 2019. Now he sells all types of treats–from dark chocolate bars, to drinking chocolates, to individual chocolate chips for baking. Give the gift of homemade decadence with a specially curated box of favorites by calling to order today.

Valentine Bouquet Delivery from Sashae Floral Arts & Gifts

Sashae has options for flower delivery if you are too busy to make it in person. The shop is located on Puppy Smith Street just behind Hotel Jerome, and offers simple selections of pre-selected arrangements that can be hand delivered to your loved ones. To let a friend one know you’re thinking of them, or to send a bouquet to an elderly loved one, give them a call.

Whole Foods Market Roses

Treat yourself or your plus-one to a beautiful bouquet this Valentine‘s Day by shopping their Double Dozen Bunch of Roses for only $19.99.* Perfect for your relationships that are budding or always in bloom.

Cookies from Cache Cache

You may be surprised to find out that this world famous, fine dining restaurant is also famous for its dessert. Cookies symbolize love and affection for so many, but cookies from Cache Cache are perhaps the most special. Warm and served with a side of ice cream, they are the perfect chocolate chip cookies for pick up are the perfect pairing.

Scout and Cellar Wine

Paula Eaton Scout & Cellar

A glass of wine is always a good idea for a romantic evening. Paired with a good dinner, or cuddled up on the couch for a movie, it is indeed a very romantic notion. Paula Eaton is the senior director of Scout and Cellar, a clean crafted wine company that delivers red, white, sparkling, canned, or rose. Make spritzers for your Valentine’s brunch or pair it with a steak dinner for a special treat. All wines are clean-crafted, so they won’t leave you with a hangover after all of that good loving. Purchase from Paula here.

The Softest, Coziest Lounge/Sleep Wear From Aspen Dream Co … or the Something a Bit Racier, all Found at Zema Lingerie


Whether she is a Zebra girl or a lover of sharks, she’ll want to slip into the coziest pair of pajamas from Aspen Dream Co or, perhaps she will prefer to get racy in the most  exquisite lingerie. Or forget the clothes altogether and turn it up a few notches with the suitcase. Keep it interesting by dropping by or ordering your next new bedtime set online.

Words of Affirmation

Those who choose words of affirmation to say “I Love You” truly value verbal acknowledgments of affection. This can include everything from compliments, words of appreciation, handwritten notes, or sweet text messages. Written and spoken words of affirmation are the perfect way to clearly let someone know you are thinking about them. Here are a few ways Aspen can help:

Surprise Hut trip

Lilybart, LLC

The huts with Tenth Mountain Division may not be available now, but book the next available one and take off for intimacy and romance at an off the grid hut in the forest for important quality time together. On hut trips, you’re offered the chance to skin or hike away to a hut, spend the night together, and truly just talk, and drink your favorite beverage. With all of the hut trip offerings in the valley, you’ll be sure to find one to take you away from the distractions of everyday life and more deeply into your loved one’s heart and arms. Take the time to catch up, slow down, and take it all in with a special romantic planned hut trip, just the two of you.

Buy a card or Valentine’s Day Cookies from Clark’s Market

Clark’s Market, in the heart of Aspen, has much more than just food and groceries. The staff is supremely helpful, just as the food is delicious. The market also has a vast offering of greeting cards, ranging from funny to loving, to sympathy. All unique in their own way, a card is a great way to clearly let someone know what they mean to you, and a special one from Clarke’s Market will make it all the more obvious.

Physical touch

For those who claim physical touch to be their love language, they prefer skin to skin contact as a sign of affection. Kissing, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, and taking things to the bedroom are all classic displays of this love language, but there are also plenty of physical ways to enjoy this language out and about in the Valley. Here are some favorites:

Couples Massage at the St. Regis

If you’ve never had a couples massage, now is the time. The elegant and calming oasis of the Remede Spa at Aspen’s St. Regis, offers an unmatched couples massage to stimulate your senses and help you two reconnect, all while giving some TLC to your muscles after a ski day or a long hike. Enjoy a 60- or 90-minute customized massage, curated just for you to leave you feeling your very best. Each experience includes aromatherapy, a warm paraffin foot wrap, as well as a scalp massage using essential oils. Afterwards stay and enjoy a glass of champagne and truffles while sitting in the oxygen lounge, a steam cave, hot tub, or just relax by one of their soothing waterfalls. Ahhh

Facial with Alison Birkenfeld, Licensed Medical Aesthetician at NeuroSpa in Basalt

Located on the lower level of the Willits Healthcare Center, Neurospa has an entire menu of Facials to choose from for 60 or 90 minutes. Choose an Acne facial for your teen or a custom facial  for yourself, and escape to pure bliss, customized for personal skin concerns and needs. Starting with a deep cleanse and a dermaplane to remove the top layer of dead cells and encourage better penetration of products with the skin perfectly prepped, fruit derived enzyme to encourage healthy skin turnover and soften the appearance of fine lines, large pores, dark spots and other imperfections. Extractions are then performed when necessary to clean out any congested pores, followed by upper body, neck and facial massage. To boost hydration, clarity and radiance, a customized mask is applied to the face, while a hand massage is offered. Lastly, a serum, hydrator and SPF are applied for protection and the ultimate glow.

Facial at Red Spa in Aspen

Red Day Spa offers everything from facials to waxes to eyelash extensions, but you’re going to want to cash in on their extra special rejuvenating facial this year. Due to the dry climate and high altitude here in Aspen, facials are recommended and often essential for restoring your skin’s inner and outer glow, and to leave you feeling replenished. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll never forget, treat them to a facial here. Exfoliate, restore, cleanse and hydrate with either the European, glycolic, hydrating, or oxygen facial.

Mani/Pedi at Home with your Valentines

Manicures by Mara is a unique mobile manicure company that literally brings the glam to your door. Book Mara for an at-home gel manicure, pop some champagne with your girlfriends and relax in the comfort of your own home by making an appointment. If you’re celebrating by yourself, what better way to show self-love than by treating yourself to a mani/pedi gel coloring. Consistently rated one of the top nail salons in the valley, this unique offering is one we guarantee you’ll come back for.

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