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A Phone Conversation with Psychic Girl

As wonderful as the holidays can be, they also can be loaded with struggles and this is why I agreed to a psychic reading from LA's Psychic Girl. Jusstine is coming to Aspen next week and is offering a discounted rate for all of our readers.

A Phone Conversation with Psychic Girl

[su_heading size=”18″]A Phone Conversation with Psychic Girl[/su_heading]

As beautiful and white and wonderful as the holidays have been, they have, as always, been loaded down with the stresses of everyday living. As delusional as I can be, envisioning holidays to be about skiing hard with the family and then soaking in a hot bubble bath with my Baddy and a bottle of chilled Cristal, the truth is that Holidays are more often about standing to attention to meet the loose ends of work while tending to the emotional issues that erupt from…ummm…spending time with the family. In our case, it was our energetic teenager who has been feeling confined by his parents and the vast expanse of highway that separates him from his beloved friends.

Quite often we feel alone when having to stop everything we are doing to handle these challenging issues and I am grateful that although I loathe exposing my vulnerabilities, especially to strangers, and even more especially, over telephone wires, it is precisely at these times that a skeptical person like me says yes to those clairvoyant people who reach out to me through my blog, like Stefan Grafstein. With each encounter, mental blocks get torn down and beautiful doors are thrown wide open and I learn so much more about my own being. With this in mind, I traveled the psychic road once again with Jusstine Kenzer, a psychic healer based in Hollywood, California.

If you look at the website of PsychicGirl, Jusstine tells of her passion to help people heal, “I can help you Heal Your Relationship Space (or more simply put, heal your heart). People from all walks of life come to me to help them tap into information they don’t have access to on their own. I am a clairvoyant, which means I can see and read energy clearly, using my psychic ability. I can help you find specific answers to your questions, as well as assist you to make positive lasting changes in your life. I’ve developed a unique method of releasing the energy around any situation you are experiencing, moving you toward the outcome you desire. I do psychic readings and healing work all over the world by phone, in person in the Los Angeles area, or anywhere I may be traveling to.”

As Jusstine took a moment to tune into my own spirit guides and teachers, I felt disconnected and distracted. There was snow falling outside to be played in, kids to be herded and an exhaustive list of holiday preparations to dive into and here I was being read by a stranger over telephone wires, but I had researched Jusstine prior to our conversation and I was pretty certain of what I could gain from this conversation. I felt confident in her experience (she has been doing this for twenty-three years and is a known figure in her profession) and believed that her knowledge of the seven vehicles of consciousness could help me to “re-align” myself.

In the hour that we spoke I vacillated between being amazed, overwhelmed, relieved and frustrated by the process. It took me some time to understand the specificity she was needing in order to answer my questions but as the conversation unfolded I began to take refuge in her clear and simple replies that helped to calm the turbulent current that has been stirring beneath my murky surface in these past few months. At the end of the conversation she took me on a healing, meditative journey. Once again I felt that flight response but stayed the course.

Honestly? It wasn’t until the following hours, and days, that I was able to zero in on my questions, and her answers, and grasp how the conversation enabled me to realize the current family and work battles I have been struggling with. Through her guidance I felt empowered to reach my own conclusions on how to handle my issues.

Jusstine believes that, “Even with specific answers, you are still left experiencing the issues that lead you to ask why in the first place. In just one session I help you to find the energies that are causing you to attracting non-beneficial experiences in your life and help you to release them, allowing you to create a brand new outcome. Think of it like having a closet so full, you cant possibly fit in one other thing. You go along in life collecting up all kinds of energy and experiences, yet no one teaches us how to clear them out. I help you clean out the closet of you so you can start to fill it with new and not just wake up tomorrow doing the same thing you did yesterday.”

Jusstine’s psychic abilities and life coaching services have been featured in publications such as DailyCandy, Time, InStyle, Glamour and People. She has also been featured on E!, Fox, Oxygens Bad Girls Club, and Vh1.

Contact: jusstine@psychicgirl.com.

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