About Jillian’s Real Life

They say that one’s life and work experiences often culminates into one’s final destination, and although I am nowhere near the end, my previous experiences have all brought me to where I am today as a leading influencer in Aspen and the founder and producer of this blog and the Aspen Business Connect social network.

My Story

So… where did it all begin? I majored in Broadcast & Film at Boston University, but my other love was writing and so I moved to NYC after graduating to work for Simon & Schuster as a Publicist. My life was filled with literature and nights spent at East Village bars, with wall-sized fish tanks and stuffed Dober Pinchers as the decor (anyone remember MK?). Life for me was all about living fully and the evenings usually ended up with dancing wildly with strangers, which included invites to breakfast with Timothy Hutton at Peggy Sue’s and shots at the Milk Bar with Judd Nelson. But in 1990 my heart was broken and so I moved away from the concrete jungle and followed my older sister to Aspen where I moved around from non-profit to non-profit until I found my dream job in film production. Within the same month of getting my job I fell in love with a tall, dark and handsome Colorado mountain boy of a man, Wade, of whom I ended up marrying and having three rascally boys with.

In 2007, Wade and I built our dream home in Old Snowmass and I created a blog to house my stories, photographs, and videos that captured the real side of raising boys in a resort ski town. Before I knew it, I was being labeled as a “mommy blogger” and getting over 40K monthly hits to my website. I also became a travel writer, exploring Colorado with my boys while reviewing our experiences. Between my travels, I attended conferences like Blogher and TBEX to crash course the trade I had entered into, but just when the content was getting juicy it all came to an abrupt halt with my lanky, gangly boys demanding their privacy.

As one who tends to charge through life like a bull in a china shop, I shifted my focus to our community and turned my skill into a trade with storytelling marketing. My ultimate goal? To connect my readers to the locals, for any real traveler knows that the fun begins and ends with the locals.

I still occasionally sneak in a few “behind the scenes” stories about my rogue family both here on the blog and at @jilliansreallife on Instagram. Have fun reading and please don’t just be a voyeur. If it’s not obvious, I love connecting with other positive people who embrace life with courage, and of course, humor, so be sure to comment. I don’t bite unless I’m really hungry.