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Rossignal Aspen

Joining the Aspen Party Circuit Over the Holidays

We have been doing our best to insert ourselves into the glitz and glamour at our local business establishments and add energy to their openings and parties. As we travel from event to event our attention to living heathy takes a nose-dive as we extend long arms mid-conversation to stealthily grab for glasses of Champagne or bon-bons passing by. Now is the time to get bubbly and social and celebrate snow and excellent ski conditions. Now is NOT the time to say no to our indulgences. We’ll shed it later so why sweat it now. Email us to add you to our Aspen Connect VIP list to join us on our circuits:

Elliot Yeary Gallery Exhibits the Work of Tori Mitas-Campisi

One of these recent evenings captured the beautifulness of Aspen Connect as we canvassed town and met up with those who read our newsletter and joined us. We began by viewing the “soulful, happy” art of Tori Mitas-Campisi at Elliot Yeary Gallery.

[su_box title=”Tori miTAS-Campisi”]The soulful, happy art of Tori Mitas-Campisi is driven by color and adorned with equal parts humility and humor. Her life—good, bad, quirky and messy—underlies every piece and pattern she paints, adding an unexpected sophistication to otherwise simple, universal themes. Tori’s latest work featuring dogs and patterns explodes with optimism—in big, bold and playful ways. She paints every day and maintains her own studio at the Red Brick Center for the Arts, in Aspen, Colorado. Though most of her work consists of oil on canvas, Tori also creates large installations in private residences mixing furniture techniques, painting, tin work and glass mosaics. Originally from New Mexico, Tori lives in Basalt, Colorado, with her husband and four children. There you will find her squeezing the most out of life in between the seams—a life as colorful and as layered as her paintings. [/su_box]

Rossignol Aspen Pop-Up

Next we tried on Rossignol’s chic and sporty apparel at their new pop-up store featuring the brand’s classic rooster logo and the “bleu, blanc, rouge” colorways that are strongly linked with the brand’s iconic French heritage. We ended up at the Marble Bar Aspen for their Fire & Ice release. With our photographer by our side we captured the energy of town in its brilliant white magnificence with guests and locals wrapped in layers to elongate their outside time.

Aspen Holiday Parties
French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Photo by Rory Savatgy
Aspen Holiday Parties
The whimsical graphics on these mittens come straight from the imagination of French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. They feature supple sheep skin leather palms and high-loft insulation for luxurious warmth. When held together, the mittens form the full tribal face artwork. Photo by Rory Savatgy
Aspen Holiday Parties
Photo by Rory Savatgy
Aspen Holiday Parties
Bryn Carey, CEO of Ski Butlers & Riley Tippett. Photo by Rory Savatgy
Photo by Rory Savatgy

Fire & Ice at Marble Bar Aspen in Honor of Local Firefighters

To honor local firefighters in the wake of the Lake Christine fire that affected so many in the Roaring Fork Valley, Marble Distilling Co. (MDC) debuted two specialty signature vodkas. Marbles’ ‘Fire’ vodka and ‘Ice’ vodka in 375ml bottles with cause-related artwork on the labels. Twenty-five percent of all proceeds from the sale of these special-edition vodkas will support the Zach Burn Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting local fire departments and fire safety.

[su_box title=”The Zach Burn Foundation”]aThe Zach Burn Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children who are burn survivors and their families. Outreach is seriously needed in the areas of critical assistance, juvenile fire setter prevention, community education and awareness, youth scholarship and educational programs. The Foundation is operated and staffed entirely by volunteers with 100 percent of the net revenues funding these programs. Find the foundation on Facebook at Zach Burn Foundation.[/su_box]

The specialty vodkas are available at local Roaring Fork valley liquor stores and at The Marble Distillery in Carbondale and at the Marble Bar Aspen. The bottles make great holiday gifts that give back to the community and are available for $19.99.

** Age your very own bourbon or whiskey in the distillery’s Barrel Room in Carbondale or Aspen. Barrel Club Members receive a new 11L American Oak Barrel with a #3 char filled with the bourbon or whiskey of your choice, engraved with your name and stored in the glass enclosed, humidification-controlled barrel locker. You’ll enjoy visiting the Barrel Room, to sample your aging bourbon from time to time, and once aged to your desired taste, the spirits are bottled at your desired proof. Mention Aspen Real Life when purchasing!

[su_box title=”Marble Distillery Whiskey Barrel”]Several of our Barrel Club members have sampled their private barrels and some expletives were heard – “Holy S _ _ _, This is amazing after only 9 months!” We are looking forward to some more creative comments from Barrel Club members, so call ahead to have your barrel ready for sampling. With only 28 barrels remaining in the club cabinet this year, we expect many more very pleased whiskey drinkers amongst the current members – taste yours as it ages. [/su_box]

Aspen Holiday Parties
Margot & Deedee Photo by Rory Savatgy

Aspen Holiday Parties

Aspen Holiday Parties
Jillian Livingston with Adriana Lahos of MindsetCo Consulting. Photo by Rory Savatgy
Aspen Holiday Parties
Jillian by Connie Baker. Photo by Rory Savatgy


Aspen Holiday Parties
Fire & Ice at Marble Bar Aspen Photo by Rory Savatgy
Aspen Holiday Parties
Aspen Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Stan Cheo, Patty Brendlinger and Jillian Livingston. Photo by Rory Savatgy.
Aspen Holiday Parties
Cinthia Andrews and Zach. Photo by Rory Savatgy.
Aspen Holiday Parties
Shea Sweeney, Ryan Michael Boudreau of Aspen Weather, Deedee Greene, Mary McClure. Photo by Rory Savatgy.
Photo by Rory Savatgy





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