March 31 - April 5th Aspen Online Shortsfest 2020 - Aspen Real Life

March 31 – April 5th Aspen Online Shortsfest 2020


Enjoy Shortsfest 2020 from the comfort of your home next week!

Aspen Shortsfest, an Oscar®-qualifying festival, is recognized as one of the premier short film festivals in North America. The 2020 event will take place online from March 31-April 5.

The five Oscar®-qualifying categories include Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama and Short Short. Recent Shortsfest Oscar® success stories include, BROTHERHOOD (2019), nominated for Best Live Action Short Film; NEFTA FOOTBALL CLUB (2019), nominated for Best Live Action Short Film; LIFE OVERTAKES ME (2019) nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject; SISTER (2019), Best Animated Short Film; FAUVE (2018), nominated for Best Live Action Short Film; WEEKENDS (2018) and ONE SMALL STEP (2019), nominated for Best Animated Short Film, and BEAR STORY (Chile), winner of the Best Animated Short Film Oscar® in 2016.

Tickets/Access Codes can be purchased now through April 5. You can purchase through the Wheeler Opera House’s Aspen Show Tix at

**Note: Due to the Pitkin County Shelter-in-Place Order, phone service is only available by leaving a voicemail at 970-920-5770. Calls will be returned in the order they were received Monday through Friday, noon to 5:00 PM MT. Priority will be given to Aspen Film Shortsfest Virtual Version callers.

Questions and concerns can also be sent to Online orders are available 24/7 by visiting

Our online festival, which will be hosted by Festival Scope, will be a limited-time event for which viewers will be able to purchase tickets/access codes to screen programs of the selected films. Access will be limited to viewers in the United States and films will only be screened within curated programs rather than individually. Viewers will receive a unique link to each program purchased for a one-time viewing.

Festival Scope is compatible with the latest versions of Internet browsers (Firefox 43 and+, Internet Explorer 11 and+, Chrome 48 and+, Safari 10 and+), though Chrome is best recommended, and is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

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6 days ago

Aspen Real Life
Aspen Real Life's cover photo ...
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6 days ago

Aspen Real Life
How Nature Heals, A Story From #l....As the story from the forest unraveled while we were skinning through it, other stories were revealed and I began to collect the information for a possible future children’s book; the snow crystals sparkling like diamonds in the sun, the white ice crystals of hoarfrost layered upon the snow, and as I absorbed the textures with my eyes, I realized that I also felt the textures from within and it was inexplicably soothing. We have been forced to slow down during this Pandemic, allowing us the opportunity to reflect deeply about our place in the world. For many of us revelations are happening daily, but if we are filled with anxiety, or can’t move beyond our depression, we will not allow the revelations to seep in and we will miss the magic. Meditation helps immensely to create mindfulness about the chatter that leads to the anxiety, as does listening to the journeys of others as they get raw in their pain while enduring heart break and loss. As we repeatedly witness, the world can be a scary place where humanity can be careless, selfish and hateful, but humanity and compassion can also heal us to a place where we are able to see the world as healing rather than a place we want to escape from, but you need to get raw with it. Face it head on, so that you can create space and breathe, which will allow you to slowly shed the anxiety and the depression so that you can strengthen from within and persevere, no matter what is going on around you. Get outside in nature, and nurture it as it nurtures you.Read More at ...
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1 week ago

Aspen Real Life
Big mountain skiing on @silvertonmtn with @silvertonmountainguides and @team_avsc.#bigmountainskiing #silvertonskiing#gettingawayfromitall#skivacay#fathersontime ...
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