Aspen's New Favorite Family-Style Restaurant, Home Team BBQ - Aspen Real Life
Aspen's New Favorite Family-Style Restaurant, Home Team BBQ

Aspen’s New Favorite Family-Style Restaurant, Home Team BBQ

Aspen’s New Favorite Family-Style Restaurant, Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ is a local’s favorite in Aspen featuring southern cooking done right. Opened this past December, Home Team BBQ is an affordable family-style restaurant located inside the Inn at Aspen.
With five different smokers, Home Team BBQ combines traditional processes and techniques of classical cuisine with the simplicity of comfort food, BBQ, and Southern fare. The chicken wings, smoked with a special dry rub, are to die for with Home Team’s Alabama White Sauce and Devil’s Relish, so addictive that one may find themselves at any given moment heading over to their restaurant to sit at a booth to order more.
The Aspen local behind the opening is local Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Cache Cache, Chris Lanter who is also now Co-Owner and Operating Partner of Home Team BBQ, along with one of his best buds who he was roommates with at University of Georgia, Aaron “Fiery Ron” Siegel. Sharing their passion for food, they both took off in different directions after college to explore their culinary passions, with Siegel heading to CIA in Hyde Park and Chris to France, and some years later together opened up this Aspen restaurant together.
[su_box title=”Home Team BBQ”]An Atlanta native and a graduate of the University of Georgia, Aaron “Fiery Ron” Siegel moved to NYC after college to follow his passion for cooking and attend The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. After completing an internship at Atlanta’s Nava under acclaimed Chef Kevin Rathbun, he graduated with his culinary degree and moved to Aspen, Colorado. There, Aaron worked as a sous chef at two of the most popular high-end restaurants — Pinion’s and Cache Cache — and became intrigued with the idea of combining traditional processes and techniques of classical cuisine with the simplicity of comfort food, BBQ, and Southern fare. He returned to the South and was hired by the Hospitality Management Group Inc. (HMGI) as the Executive Chef at Blossom Café in downtown Charleston where he worked for several years. Aaron worked closely with Executive Chef Craig Diehl at sister restaurant Cypress where he learned more about smoking meats and developing a charcuterie program. During this time, he began to scout locations for his barbeque concept and in 2006, together with partners Taylor Garrigan, Tony McKie, and Madison Ruckel, opened Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ in West Ashley. An instant success, Home Team BBQ and its partners were able to expand with a location on Sullivan’s Island in 2009, and a location in downtown Charleston in 2016, and now Aspen.[/su_box]

Taylor Garrigan, Pitmaster

Another partner at the Home Team BBQ in Aspen, is Taylor Garrigan, Executive Chef and Pitmaster, and winner of Food Network’s Chop. Garrigan, as you will hear in our podcast with Lanter, is an invaluable asset to the team.

[su_box title=”Home Team BBQ”]After a stint at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Taylor Garrigan wanted to change career paths. In 1998, he began cooking with his brother chef Todd Garrigan and executive chef and owner Harold Marmelstein at Dick & Harry’s in Atlanta. He moved to Colorado to work a ski season in Crested Butte before deciding to take his cooking skills to the next level. He moved to Charleston, and enrolled at Johnson & Wales University. During this time, he worked as a line cook at Magnolias and then worked at Middleton Plantation. After graduating with a degree in hotel and restaurant management, he was hired at The Beach Club at Kiawah Island as a cook and worked with chefs including Paul Tensly and Tom Colicchio. In 2005, he was hired as a cook at FIG to work under renowned chef, Mike Lata. Taylor and Aaron met, became great friends, and together worked on the concept for Home Team BBQ. Once open, Taylor served as the sous chef at West Ashley and then moved to Sullivan’s Island as Executive Chef when first opened. He has worked his way up quickly to Executive Chef/Partner over all Home Team BBQ restaurants. In June 2015, Taylor won Episode 13 of Season 23 of Food Network’s Chopped.[/su_box]

Home Team’s menu includes southern traditional food that includes; Chopped Brisket, Pulled Pork and Smoked Chicken Tacos,  Fiery Ron’s Smoked Chicken Wings, BBQ Nachos, Baked Queso, Pork Cracklins, White Bean and Chicken Chili with creme fresh and jalapeno, Turkey Burritos, Collared greens, Brunswick Stew, and for the finicky kiddies, the best mac & cheese ever, and tater tots.
With an amazing staff, experienced Pitmasters and a very friendly, casual and fun atmosphere, Home Team BBQ in Aspen is top on our list of restaurants to go to where the locals tend to hang for a while drinking delicious and affordable wines chosen by Home Team’s Master Sommelier, Jay Fletcher, or signature frozen drinks like the infamous “Game Changer”,  as they listen to great live music, or watch sport games on the many TV’s available, while kids play on the shuffle table in the Station Room or outside on the lawn.
Open for lunch and dinner, give them a call or just stop by and see what all the hype is about!
Listen to our podcast and here Lanter tells us all about Home Team BBQ .


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  1. We visited the Home Team BBQ establishment in Columbia, SC. They ran out of ribs on a Sunday. This is not the first time that I have heard this. I wasn’t to pleased when the manager literally laughed in my face. I stated it wasn’t funny. We left and went somewhere else. I bet this would not happen in Aspen.


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