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Best Ski Boot Bags for Kids and Adults

Are you a disorganized traveler? I'd like to think that I have it together and with the help of my new Transpack Boot Bags I might be almost there! Read here for my review on a bag that might just enhance your life a little bit more!
Early Morning Hike to Mountain

[su_heading size=”18″]Best Ski Boot Bags for Kids and Adults[/su_heading]

A Boot Bag to Suit Your Needs:

The boys and I traveled to Telluride this past Thursday. I pulled them out of school so that they could train on Friday for a USSA Slopestyle Event on Saturday. The plan was to hit the road by 4:00pm so I asked the boys to pack up their gear the night before. It was the first time I ever saw them excited to pack thanks to the new Transpack Bags that were delivered to us prior to leaving. Having their own boot bag was like having their own cubby where their precious belongings like their Smith I/O Interchangeable goggles and Armada gloves were in their own control and not subject to abuse from their brothers.

In all of our travels for ski competitions and travel gigs, I have looked longingly at families who seemed to have it all figured out and it always began with the bags. By each child having their own bag it makes life so much simpler.

We were sent five packs to match each of our physiques from our big Papa Bear to our Baby Bear Tucker who was so elated to be able to carry all of his ski gear on his back that we had difficulties separating him from his pack.

Transpack Bags:

What sets the Transpack Bag apart from other boot bags is the Isosceles Storage System. The triangular design distributes the weight on the back for a less cumbersome fit. The bulk from the boots are diverted to the sides and away from the back creating a natural suspension that is ergonomic and comfortable.

[su_box title=”Transpack Bag Design Perks”]

The two side pockets have web straps triangularly connected to secure the boots whether they are ski boots, snowboard boots, tele boots or IT gear, the pack does not discriminate and fits most designs.

The side boot pockets have Grommets to help with evaporation and drainage of moisture and water. Although this is a nice feature, I still recommend taking boots out in the evenings to prevent odors and to fully dry out the boots.

The central compartment is very roomy ranging from 2000 cu. in. / 33L with the Edge Junior to 3300 cu. in. / 54L with the TRV Pro.

For the older boys, I preferred the TRV Pro over the Pro JR for its excessive cubic volume to fit their helmet, goggles, ski clothes and bulky ski coats. I also like the expandable gusset allowing for more room.[/su_box]

When sleepily walking over to the mountain in the early morning, I appreciated the reflective stripe that warded off oncoming cars.

Other design features include the following depending on the pack you choose:

[su_box title=”Transpack Backpacks”]

1. Waterproof, triangular center compartment keeps your clothing and gear separate from the vented, zippered side boot compartments

2. Stowable padded neoprene shoulder straps let you carry your gear on your back in comfort, freeing up your hands for your board or skis and poles

3. Additional ripstop side pockets offer ample storage for tools, keys or other miscellaneous quick-access items

4. Zippered pockets on the lid and inside offer additional organization; all pocket zippers have toggle pulls for ease of use with gloves or mittens

5. Durable 1680 coated ballistic nylon shell with rubberized bottom endures the wear and tear of travel and storage[/su_box]

All in all, I am in love with these well priced and durable packs and highly recommend them to anybody who needs more organization in their lives. As for patterns and colors, there is something for everyone from bright solid colors to skulls to flowers to plaid and mountain patterns.

Transpack also offers bags for skaters with a well ventilated zippered pocket.

In closing, I will leave you with this review on REI.COM written by a Ski Patroller:

[su_quote]My background: 47 years as a skier, 13 years on ski patrol, president of a world traveling ski club. This is a GREAT bag. I hate having things in my hand when I travel because you always loose your stuff. I can store ALL of my ski gear in this bag and zip every pocket up tight. Lock down the sternum strap, throw my skiis over my right shoulder and hold my poles with my right hand and hold my beer in my left hand. I buy all of my friends this bag for Christmas and birthdays. I love it.[/su_quote]

* Thankyou Transpack for donating the packs for review. I take pride in providing a fair and honest review for my readers.

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  1. Well…if i could travel like I used to…I would definatly want one of these bags…so would Hayden and Tasha!!!!
    I just want to come I am never one of those woman who finds a prince charming to take her away (with the children!!!)
    Love you


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