This month brings the biannual Body Bliss Cleanse that's full of wisdom and flexibility. Also, tap into the ongoing Master Classes in the Swan Sage Body Bliss tribe.


by Candice Claire Oksenhorn, Founder of Body Bliss and Swan Sage

“The world is full of magic, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
-W.B. Yeats

It’s time to join the Body Bliss Cleanse tribe, beginning Monday, March 15. Take this amazing 3 week journey with me and give yourSelf some LOVE and Self Care by joining my tribe in a very supported cleanse. Your body will thank you and you will feel empowered.

One way to sharpen your senses is to do seasonal cleansing. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda says to cleanse with the seasonal changes- ritucharya. We have to let go of toxic residue- ama- to achieve clarity. Ayurveda says we experience the world through our senses; therefore, to experience the best possible we must care for our senses!

Join my biannual BODY BLISS CLEANSE beginning on March 15! This is NOT a one size fits all cleanse🍏🍋🫐🥑🥦DM me to learn more and join! It’s fun, doable and with a tribe!

In the past 80 years our environment has been bombarded with 80,000 toxic chemicals that our ancestors did not have to deal with. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle you can’t escape these environmental hazards so cleansing is necessary to support your well being.

Eliminate Metals, Parasites, Fungal Infections and Other Pathogens in Your System

In this cleanse you will learn ways to eliminate metals, parasites, fungal infections as well as other pathogenic offenders.

You will learn about new biology and how a healthy biome and virome are keys to good health. Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom teaches us that a strong digestion leads to a healthy immune system.
Hopefully one of the good things 2020 has done is wake people up to taking care of their immune systems.

Cleansing and Detoxing are the Most Important Health Practices you can do

Ayurveda teaches that seasonal cleanses are imperative to maintain good health. In our current world we are living with a deluge of chemical toxins (including fear and stress) in our environment and products that didn’t even exist 100 years ago. People are experiencing unexplained illnesses and settling for not feeling well as part of life. While healthy organic real food is important, it can’t help you if your channels are clogged with ama (toxic residue). So, commit to this seasonal reset to go into spring/summer with great energy and strong immunity. This will be unlike a one size fits all cleanse. I’ll share several options for you to choose from.

Week 1

Week 1 will include an intro video talking about Ayurveda and cleansing along with some tools to help you tune into what’s right for you. This is our easing in week so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what is right for you yet. After our first call we will all commit to eliminating wheat, dairy, processed foods, alcohol, sodas, sugar and only eat organic (or at least eliminate the dirty dozen). We will be eating one solid meal a day and the other two liquified – your choice on the order although Ayurveda says the biggest meal of the day should be when the sun is the highest! And, we have to do what’s doable, so again, your choice! Beverages are best this week as purified water and tea. If you are habituated to coffee, you may choose to titrate down so next week you will eliminate it. This is the week to shop, get prepared, have a journal so we can be ready for our Dive Deep week.

Week 2

Week 2 we will dive deep and you will fully engage in the cleanse of your choice. By now you will have identified YOUR personal goal for this cleanse and decide what’s resonant  and doable for you. We will not all be doing the same cleanse. This cleanse is to empower you to tap into what’s best for you at this time. My cleanses vary from season to season. We are all in different lives/ages/wellness levels and what is good for one may not be the right one for another. Some may choose liquids only, some may choose only juicing, while some may go all in with a water fast! Some may choose to concentrate on clean eating while focusing on other areas of their lives to cleanse. I will weave in Ayurvedic wisdom and guidance on cleansing other parts of our lives – emotional, physical space, mental stress, etc. We bring in essential oils and focus on nourishing ourSelves in ways other than food. It’s best to lighten your calendar this week as we are diving into self care and want to make time and space to be inward and even schedule a massage, colonics or other types of body work that facilitates a cleanse.

Week 3

Week 3 is our easing out of the cleanse and celebrating ourSelves for this process! This looks a lot like week 1. Depending on which kind of cleanse you chose and how deep you went will determine exactly how to ease back in. If one ended with a liver flush or water fast it’s important to be very gentle with turning on the digestion again. We’ll continue with the guidelines of week one and go forward with a newer version of ourSelves and choose what we want to bring forth as a reflection of the cleanse!

Laser Coaching Calls

Laser coaching calls are offered each week to support the journey, trouble shoot issues, share resources, recipes, tools and successes. A private MeWe forum (new private group) is a safe place for us to connect and share daily so we elevate the supportive energy and learn.

With each cleanse, I come to you with new knowledge, wisdom and techniques to optimize your health as I’m continually learning from my experience and continued education.

Contact Me

Call 970-948-7525 or email for more information and sign up today!
Cost is only $95. Bring a friend, cleansing is much easier with a tribe. If the friend is brand new to me and not currently on my email you may receive $20 off the cleanse price.


When I say I never thought I would do a cleanse, I couldn’t have been more confident. Growing up in an immigrant family in a culture focused on food, eating, cooking, and more eating, I swore I wouldn’t ever be able to restrict my eating habits, even in the slightest. With that said, a cleanse led by Candice changed my mind and habits entirely! Most importantly, the cleanse was achievable. It felt like it was on my terms even though I truly was “following restrictions” – I didn’t feel restricted. I felt like I was making more thoughtful choices for the benefit of my body and overall self. The support group in this cleanse is also a fabulous balance of not too much yet always there just when you need it most. I am forever changed from a “never cleanse” person to a “when’s the next cleanse??”

J Luu, Aspen

Candice brilliantly guides you through a cleanse that is doable for you. She honors your individuality and provides options to suit your needs. The group connection on the calls and in the private forum is fun and helps maintain support and momentum! J Ruggles, Aspen

Join the Swan Sage Body Bliss Tribe


This connects you year round to 2 monthly master classes and like minded people committed to being their healthiest most attractive Selves naturally! Contact me for details.

Do you settle for just feeling OK? I’m here to show you that you can learn natural ways to create more energy, more beauty and more vitality than you ever imagined – naturally.
I offer several packages and fun classes to start you on your path of feeling and looking your best ever. Reach out and contact me for an initial free 30 minute call.

I offer my sage and humble wisdom from my evolutionary life experiences over 60 years and my expertise in Ayurveda, Meditation and Aromatherapy. We can thrive naturally and experience bliss. Our bodies know how to heal.

Contact me today and I will fill you in.

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