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Breathe For Teens Program

Here in Aspen, we seem to have it all, yet our teens suffer from the highest rates of anxiety and suicide in the nation for a town of our size. We also tend to make huge positive waves when we take something on and that is exactly what Founder of Intrinsic, Emily Lubchenco Hightower, is doing, in partnership with  Health and Human Performance Foundation, Brian MacKenzie, and local Aspen High School teacher, Cerena Thompson. Together they have created the Breathe For Teens Program, a novel stress reduction curriculum to help teenagers here at home that will also curate much-needed research in the field of youth stress management to help kids in public schools across the country.

Fund Breathe for Teens

Implementing a program of breath protocols to study their effects on CO2 Tolerance, stress, and anxiety, their research component needs funding to be completed and published. The experience our kids have will allow them to create and disseminate an evidence-backed curriculum to disseminate here and in public schools nation-wide.
You have a chance to help our youth today in a way that involves them with real research, and gives them the tools to manage anxiety for life. Please do what you can to pitch in. You can learn more about their team and their efforts by clicking here. 
Emily Hightower is also available to grab for a phone call or local visit to share more about where your money will go, and how these slow breathing protocols make a difference. Emily has personally shared these protocols with combat-wounded veterans at Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities since it began in 2006, and with trauma, recovery, and neurology patients across the valley and from around the world. Email Emily: [email protected]

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