Building a Strong Immune System - Body Bliss Master Classes

Building a Strong Immune System

WELLNESS COMES FROM WITHIN It's time to get, really get, that YOU create a strong immune system by the choices you make daily. Isn't that totally empowering? Isolating yourSelf or covering yourSelf is not enhancing your resilience to dis-ease. It's fine if that helps you stress less, but wouldn't it be awesome to really fortify yourSelf so you just don't fall prey to colds and flus?

Wellness Comes From Within

As we feel the temperatures drop and the days shorten, and with the flu and a pandemic taking place, we are seeing more and more people falling to respiratory illnesses. Now like never before is the time to get healthy from within and build a strong immune system by the choices you make daily.

Master Classes on Maintaining Strong Immunity

Ancient wisdom, including Ayurveda (sanscrit for the science of life), teaches us that our daily and seasonal practices help us to create and maintain strong immunity. Through my bimonthly Zoom Master Classes on natural health remedies, you will learn how to prevent getting sick, and what to do should you fall ill. 

In my Master Class I will share lifestyle habits, herbs and essential oils that will keep you feeling strong and vibrant and teach you that you are not a victim of germs out there waiting to infect you but rather that you are already a host to viruses and bacterias and it’s the state of your immune system that determines if you become overrun by an imbalance of those pathogens. 

Taking certain herbs, diffusing pure essential oils, eating organic seasonal foods and getting plenty of sleep are a few important things to create wellness. We should be taking adaptogenic herbs daily to create resilience. Diffusing pure essential oils and applying them to the body creates protection. The timing of when we eat and sleep also impact our resilience. Ayurvedic wisdom is very clear about this. Sleeping from 1am to 9am isn’t helping your body like sleeping from 10pm to 6am. Eating a heavy dinner late in the evening is not beneficial whereas eating your heaviest meal midday is. 

I’m passionate about teaching this knowledge and wisdom to others. We should have been taught this in school. Hopefully in the generations to come they will realize the importance of teaching this. It starts with YOU and your family to make a real impact and to experience first hand the benefits. Invest in you first. You won’t be able to enjoy your golden years (and present years) with your stock market investments if you ignore the supreme importance of Self Care. Sadly, the conditioning has been to look for symptom suppressing and even harmful methods to deal with sickness rather than supporting the bodies ability to fight illness and emerge stronger. 

The beauty of learning health promoting habits and using natural remedies is that you truly are helping yourSelf. There are no health damaging side effects from these methods. 

Join my Swan Sage Body Bliss membership and enjoy the Master Classes and a private forum on MeWe for additional support. For the time being they are too inexpensive to not do! Only $49 per month or save and join for the year at $499!

This is a very small investment for the most important thing you have which is your health! In fact Ayurveda describes health/immunity is Svastha, which means being established in the Self. Isolating yourSelf or covering yourSelf is not enhancing your resilience to dis-ease, good health and a strong immune system is what you need to fortify mind and body to enjoy your life more completely. Wouldn’t it be awesome to really fortify yourSelf so you just don’t fall prey to colds and flus? Let’s be real leaders here which is leading ourSelves and others back to nature and honoring our bodies. 

I also love working one on one,  teaching Chopra meditation classes, and Wisdom of the Earth essential oil certification classes. Connect with me now and we’ll hop on the phone for a free 20 call to learn more!

~ Candice Claire | Email: | Website | Cell: 970-948-7525

IG @candiceclaire_swansage

Candice Claire Testimonial

So grateful for Candice and all the things she has introduced me to, especially when it comes to cleansing and dotoxing! I used to be a little afraid and intimidated by cleansing and now sincerely look forward to doing our group bady bliss cleanse twice a year, I almost wish it was 3 or 4 times a year!

Candice as been such a guiding light and an amazing support system for me and my healing detox journey! I am forever grateful. I have watched my body mind and soul transform thanks to all the amazing herbs, essential oils, and detox practices Candice has introduced me too! She is an amazing teacher who fully embodies everything she teaches and an amazing coach! And it’s all easy doable and fun! She meets everyone where they are at without judgment because this is so obviously her dharma (or life path) to work with people and help and inspire then to evolve into their healthiest best selves! What a gift Candice is to my life and all the lives she touches! ~ Shael Berni

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