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Our Boyz

Meet our three boys, Thumper, Feisty-One and Hootie-Hoo, the children of Aspen Real Life.

School’s out for the Summahhhhh

What do you remember from your days of summer as a youth? Are your parents part of your memories? Maybe we should stop working so hard and let the kids do all the planning!

Aspen Lacrosse Victory

Aspen U13 team wins the Championships in their bracket at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree in Denver. A complete surprise!
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Summer Break Is More Like Breakdown

Re-entry back to Aspen "Real" Life has been a bit brutal on me. But I am coming out of it and determined to get organized for the remaining two weeks of summer. Not known for being one of those Colorado moms who takes my kids backpacking into the wilderness on a daily basis, I'm devising a plan on how to get revved up and get on it! Help?

Broadway Dancer Teaches Hip Hop

  Broadway Dancer Teaches Hip Hop When Dance Progressions brought a guest teacher to town, Feisty-One took his class. Little did we know what we were in for. What an incredible dancer, and teacher!

Mixed Marriage Holidays

Did you have a good Passover? Easter? I think Wade and I need some help in bringing back Tradition.

Getting Sazzy over a Brick of Shizzle

My little white boy brings it down with his rap song

Puppy Promises From Thumper

If the children want a dog than they need to convince their daddy that they will be good and take care of it, not an easy task.

An Aspen New Years

The Aspen Chamber rocks the town by putting on an outside New Years Eve party!

The High Activity Level of Boys

Accepting boys and all of their energy is not always easy as a mother but if you don't accept it then you will be forever fighting it and who wants that?