All about raising boys in Aspen

Our Boyz

Meet our three boys, Thumper, Feisty-One and Hootie-Hoo, the children of Aspen Real Life.

The Aspen Chamber rocks the town by putting on an outside New Years Eve party!
Accepting boys and all of their energy is not always easy as a mother but if you don't accept it then you will be forever fighting it and who wants that?
Family outings are so important but can be such a royal pain in the ass!
My challenge this month is to learn the game of football. Although I cant imagine that I will ever be convinced that watching men in tight pants move a few inches across the field every hour could ever get my adrenaline pumped, I am ready to give it my best shot.
Parents and teachers need to learn how to accept the high activity levels of boys and give them safe boy places to express it.
Listening to my nephew speak over the course of his eighth grade graduation caused a flood of memories. My little Devon had turned into this eloquent, amazing teenager not to mention an accomplished ski racer in the Junior Olympics. Time had escaped me and my relationship with him as a young adult and I had a lot of catching up to do.
After having three of my own boys I am quite aware that it is possible that girls develop differently than boys. Ok, faster. So when it comes to boys, the "Terrible Twos" don't happen until they hit about 3...
No matter how hard I tried I was never able to relate to the people in the fashion world.
  The Oldest Boy in the Family Being that Thumper is quite the performer, we always thought he would try to get the leading role in his school play. Apparently, he prefers to perform off stage. Every year I think, this...